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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

It's common that some iOS users lost their iPhone and have to purchase another smartphone, sometimes an Android. But, you may ask, is there any possibility for us to get back the precious music from my lost iPhone to my new Android? The answer is definitely yes, the precondition is that you have do backup of your iPhone with iTunes before. It becomes a piece of cake to transfer songs from iTunes to Android once you try Android Transfer, not to mention transferring music from Android to iTunes. Below are some extraordinary features of Android Transfer.

As an outstanding data transfer tool for smartphone, Android Transfer supports multiple phone OSs, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. You can transfer music without difficulty. You will latter find that the song, as well as the album, artist, genre, etc. are listed in your Android. By the way, to move music from computer to Android is also allowed.
Android Transfer – move iTunes music to your Android

After downloading Android Transfer on your PC, please read the handy guide below.

Step 1 Install and Launch Android Transfer
Firstly, install and run Android Transfer on PC and connect your Android to PC with the USB cable. All the data of your device will be separated into different file type once the program detect your device.
android music transfer

Step 2 Transfer music from iTunes to Android
Click "Import iTunes Playlists" at the bottom button. After that, all the playlists will be shown in the pop-up window. Check all the playlists you want to copy and then click "OK".
import itunes playlists
As we all know, Android doesn't support some type of music format. If there's some formats that Android doesn't support, there will be a pop up window asking you if you want to convert them into the compatible format.
copy music to android
Note: Make sure that your Android is well connected to the computer; otherwise, if the USB cable is disconnected on the half way, it is likely that your data may get lost. So, reinsure to back up your data before operating this process.

That's it, to transfer music from iTunes to Android, you just need one backup files, one Android phone, one USB cable, one computer and of course, one Android Transfer. Why not download Android Transfer and move iTunes songs to Android on your own.

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