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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

"I apologize if this is a stupid question: I saved tons of pictures on my computer, but how do I copy photos from my PC to iPhone 6? I have tried to send photos with many tools but none of them works. Do I need some other apps? Or is it much simpler to do?"

Unlike Android phones, iPhone does not allow users to drag image files directly from computer to the mobile phone, which brings a lot of inconvenience for many people, especially when it needs to transfer plenty of photos to a device. To deal with this transfer issue, here are two practical methods for you! Follow guides below, you will get the idea of how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone with iOS Transfer as well as the tips of using iTunes.

Tutorial 1: Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Sync Pictures on Computer to iDevices Using iTunes

Tutorial 1: Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer is designed to sync photos from computer to iPhone without the restrictions from iTunes. You can transfer photos from both PC and Mac to iPhone with this tool. It supports from the most latest iPhone 6/6 Plus to iPhone 3GS. With its help, you can easily import and export your photos between computer and iPhone.
iOS Transfer – professional photo manager for iPhone

To transfer all the photos from computer to iPhone without erasing the original data on your iPhone, you need an iPhone transfer software. Download it below and see how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone.

Step 1 Install the iOS Transfer
Install that program on your PC and connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. The transfer will detect the model of your iPhone and display its information on the main window as the sample below.
iOS Transfer
Note: You need to have iTunes installed on your computer before transferring photos.

Step 2 Transfer photos from computer to iPhone
By clicking on the tab "Photo" at the left column, you will see all your photos on your iPhone. Choose the album to save photos under the "Photo" directory tree. Click "Add" button on the menu bar. A file browser window will pop up, choose the photos you want to import them.
add photos to iphone from pc

Tutorial 2: Sync Pictures on Computer to iDevices Using iTunes

Offered by Apple, iTunes is the first choice for most iOS users to sync images from computer to iOS device. In fact, the operation is not as complex as many people believed. The steps are as followed.

Step 1 Organize the images
As it is not available to sync single file to iDevice with iTunes, you should organize the pics you want to transmit into folders or subfolders first.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to PC
Turn on iTunes and then plug your device into the computer. After your iDevice being detected, click the phone icon to check your phone data. Tap on the "Photos" to enter the next stage.
Connect iPhone to PC
Step 3 Transfer photos to iPhone
Check the "Sync Photos" button and select the image folder created before. Then you can copy the pictures in the file to your iPhone by clicking the "Apply" button.
Sync iTunes Photos to iPhone
With iTunes photos syncing, the previous pictures synced to Photo library will be erased. To prevent this, you'd better organize the images you want to copy to the same folder as the images have been synced, and then transfer the whole folder everytime you switch pictures from computer to your mobile device.

Using iOS Transfer or iTunes, it has become a piece of cake to transfer photos from PC to iPhone. However, as mentioned above, the iTunes transfer may erase some pictures on your iPhone may be covered, therefore, it should be very careful to sync photos to iPhone with iTunes.
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