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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Many song lovers may face this problem: "I have thousands of songs stored in my iPod but get a little bored on them. I'd like to add more new songs in it but unfortunately, there are not adequate storage for any new songs. Is there any software that I can move my old shuffle to computer or something without deleting them forever?" To be honest, you can try the iOS data transfer to move the old songs to your computer temporary as a backup. You can move them back to your iPod anytime you like.

Now, I will show you how powerful iOS Transfer is: It is an extraordinary data transfer tool for iOS users, iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Besides, it also allows you to copy data between iTunes and computer. With it, you can freely move data between iOS, iTunes and computer at ease, including music.

iPod Transfer - well manage your iPod music.

The guide below is telling you how to sync shuffle music to computer. Please take an iPod, a computer, a USB cable, and of course an iOS Transfer tool with you.

Note: It is also possible if you want to transfer music from computer to iPod. What you need is to install the corresponding version for your computer OS.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer and connect shuffle to PC
After downloading iOS Transfer, you will see the below window asking you to connect your iPod to the computer. Connect it to back up your iPod music to your computer. The program will detect your iPod once it detected it.
ipod main window
Note: To manage iOS data, you should make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer before. You don't have to run iTunes when using iOS Transfer, but you should make sure that you have one.

Step 2 Transfer songs from iPod shuffle to your PC
On the left side column, you will see "Music" listed. By clicking it, you can browse all the songs on your iPod as the screenshot shows below.
ipod music browser
Choose all the songs you want to export and click "To PC". After that you are allowed to choose which file to store your iPod music in by a pop-up window. Just choose and you have successfully transferred your music from iPod to computer.
export ipod music to pc
Note: iPod Transfer fully compatible with all iPod models, iPod shuffle, nano and classic models. You can also transfer iPod music to your iTunes if you want.

Yes, as you can see, it is so easy to operate, isn't it? You don't need to worry about having too much music to store in iPod any more. You can save it in your computer and add new files into your shuffle. After you get bored of the new song, you can delete them or just move them to your computer to get more room for other music. Amazing, isn't it? Why not download it and have a try on your own.

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