Android to Android Transfer

You can easily move apps, contacts, SMS, music, and so on from Android to Android. Just follow the tutorial below and you will have all your data transferred between Androids.

How to Transfer Apps to Android M (Android Marshmallow)

With Android files transfer tool – Phone Transfer, you don’t need to ask how to transfer apps to new android. It helps you copy apps from 4.4 to Android 6.0 easily.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

While it seems like a massive thing to transfer contacts from Android to Android, it is actually an easy task if you follow our recommended method.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Transfer data from Android to Android with Phone Transfer. You can also backup and restore the data on your phone to computer in only one click.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android

Simply transfer SMS between Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola, Lenovo, Mi, HUAWEI, etc.

How to Transfer Music from Android to Android

To transfer music from Android to Android in a fast and easy way, you may try to use TunesGo. It's a powerful tool designed to manage music on Android.

How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

Are you in needs of transferring apps from Android to another? Phone transfer is able to copy apps from Android to Android in simplest way. Follow its tutorial and have a try.

How to Transfer Content from Samsung to Samsung

As a data transferring tool, Phone Transfer helps users copy content such as contacts, SMS, videos, photos, music and other files between Samsung phones. It’s effective and simple.

How to Transfer Files from Android to Android

Phone Transfer really helps a lot, for users can transfer files between Android in one click by using it. This article will show you how to use this product.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

Phone Transfer is engaged in contact transfer between Samsung. Actually it supports various brands of phones running iOS, Android and Symbian.

How to Transfer Calendar from Android to Android

Many people have no ideas of how to transfer calendar from Android to Android, but actually, it can be easy and here is the tutorial for you!

How to Transfer Photos from Android to Android

There are several ways to transfer photos between Android phones but some of them take lots of time. Now, let me introduce you an easier way to do that.

How to Transfer Contacts from HTC to Galaxy

You may be tired to transfer contacts from HTC to Galaxy with complicated operation, like copy them to PC first. Now let me introduce you a simple method.

How to Transfer Call Logs from Android to Android

To transfer call logs from Android to Android is not as easy as to transfer media files between Android phones. But in fact, there is software can be helpful to do that.

How to Transfer App Data from Android to Android

Here's a useful guide showing you how to transfer app data from Android to Android with efficient and safe steps. There's no need to worry about the safety.

How to Transfer App Data from Samsung to Samsung

When we buy a new Samsung phone, our utmost concern will be the data transfer. Follow this guide to transfer even app data from Samsung to Samsung.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Photos from Android to Android

There's no need to worry about the WhatsApp photos you got on your phone. Actually, these WhatsApp photos can be transferred between Android if you like.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Samsung to Samsung

Follow this useful guide and you will see how to transfer WhatsApp data and attachments from Samsung to Samsung which runs Android 2.3 to Android 6.0.

Migrate Facebook Messenger Messages to Another Android Phone

It seems difficult to migrate Facebook Messenger messages from Android to another. However, you will find it totally easy after reading this post.

Sync WhatsApp Videos & Audio with Samsung Galaxy/Note/Alpha

We can easily sync WhatsApp videos and audios between Android phones (Samsung Galaxy/Note/Alpha, etc.) running Android 2.3 to Android 6.0.

Sync Facebook Messenger Messages with Samsung Device

To sync Facebook messages on Facebook Messenger between Samsung Galaxy phones, you just need to follow this guide.

Sync Facebook Photos/Videos with New Samsung Galaxy

This article shows you the simple way to sync Facebook photos, videos and more app data from old Samsung Galaxy to new one. Just give it a try.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts with Android

Here's a simple but useful way on how to sync Facebook contacts with Android when you buy a new Android phone and want the contacts transferred.

Duolingo App Data from Old to New Android Phone

You should know that copying app data is not complex at all. It's easy to transfer Duolingo app data from old Android phone to new one.

Skype File Transfer Between Samsung Galaxy/Note

There's no need to worry about Skype file transfer on your Samsung Galaxy or Note phones. Follow this guide and you will find it super easy.

Skype Data Transfer Between Android Mobiles

Skype data we send/receive while chatting with our friends can be easily transferred from one Android to another one with this tutorial.

Get Game Record from One to Another Android Device

To get game record from one Android device to another is not that complex as you think it would be. Just follow the guide and give it a try.

Keep Subway Surfers Record to New Samsung Phone

To keep subway Surfers record and scores from one Samsung phone to another is really simple if you follow this guide and try it on your own.