Android Transfer

Manage Everything on Android from Your PC

Android Transfer is a right hand for anyone who spends on phones all day long. No matter who you are, a Android fans, a music loves, a app junky or a hyper- texter.
  • • Android Fans: Backup everything to PC with 1 click & retain great quality.
  • • Music Lovers: Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime and anywhere.
  • • App Junkies: Download, install, uninstall and export apps quickly and easily, move apps to SD.
  • • Social Networkers & Hyper-texters: Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send & reply SMS seamlessly from your PC.
  • • USB Cable not at hand: Manage your Android phone with or without a USB cable.

Windows 10/8/7/XP/2003/Vista
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7,10.8 and 10.9

Version: 8.2.1 $ 39.95 Version: 1.2.0 $ 39.95

How to Transfer Android Data

First, please Connect your Android device to your computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi. (Wi-Fi connection is only available on Windows.)
The options to backup and to restore are shown on your device's home screen like the sample below.
android transfer

How to Backup
1. Click the "One-Click Backup" button, then click the “Browse”, you can choose the backup location on your computer. When everything is set, click on the button “Back Up” to finish the backup work.
2. Delect Files: If you want to backup some specific folders rather than backup them all, simply uncheck the boxes beside the folder name.
3. Choose Backup Destination Folder: The backup folder on your computer is where all your data stored. Before you click the "Back Up" button, make sure the path is the one you want.

Note: During the Back Up process, make sure your phone is well connected.

How to Restore Data
1.To restore data from backup files, simply click the “Toolkit” tab in the left column and click “Restore” button to get them back.
2. Add Files to Restore: You can also add some other files by clicking the "Add Fold button" in the left bottom corner at the window. This will bring up a windows for you to select the files you wish to add.

3. "Backup before Restore" Option: After you click "Restore" button, a notification will appear, providing three options: Backup, Don't Back Up or Cancel. If you've already backed up the data in your phone before, we recommend that you should choose the backup one in case of data loss.

What we promise

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If our products don't meet your needs, contact us and we will help you fix your problems. And you are protected by our Money Back Guarantee within 30 days if we cannot fix the problems.

Customer Review
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Calvin Mark

I manage my Android phone in a simple, effective, fast way with Android Transfer, which is a powerful manager software. Now I am managing all the data on my phone with it. I would like to recommend this to other Android users to have a try!

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