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How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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I need to do a factory data reset on my wife’s Android phone. She absolutely has to keep her text messages for a lawsuit that is pending. Anyone had any luck with any of these "backup apps" that can backup Android SMS? I've seen a few, but the reviews are up and down. Just looking for a little help.

In that case, I highly recommend you to use Android Transfer. I've used it several times and it gives you option to transfer text messages from Android to computer in different formats. You can copy them to computer and restore them after the factory reset. It also has some great selective options to backup SMS so you don't have to backup everything if you don't want too. Let's see how to backup SMS on Android.
Android Transfer – backup and restore Android SMS easily

You can transfer text messages from Android to computer with this mighty tool within a minute or two. Follow the steps below to get your Android text messages transferred.

Step 1 Run the transfer and connect Android phone to computer
Download and install the Android Transfer. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone and tablet to the computer. The Android Transfer should detect your phone as soon as connected. The information of your phone, like SMS, contacts, music, photos, videos, should be displayed on the main window.
Android SMS transfer
Step 2 Transfer SMS from Android to computer
Click the SMS tab on left column, the SMS manage window will show right side. Check the text messages you want to backup. Click Export - Export Selected SMS to computer. If you want to backup all the SMS to computer, choose Export all SMS to computer in the previously step. The backup file can be saved in XML or TXT format.
export android sms to computer
See, that's the way how to copy and backup Android text messages to computer. You can also restore or transfer SMS from computer to Android back with this tool. Download it and manage your SMS in a convenient way.

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