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How to Back Up and Restore WhatsApp Chat History on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Some WhatsApp users have deadly realized the importance of WhatsApp Chat History, which includes conversations with their friends, some important information, memorable pictures and videos. They search on Google for methods to back up and restore WhatsApp chat history on Android so as to smoothly get back their data one day the uninstall the app, wipe the phone, etc. As an experienced user, I have my top secret. Interested? Let me dilate on the solutions.

Part 1. Back up WhatsApp Messages
Part 2: Restore Latest Android WhatsApp Messages

Part 1. Back up WhatsApp Messages

Step 1 Hit Menu icon > "Settings" > "Chat and calls".
Go to Settings
Step 2 Back up WhatsApp Message on Android
Tap "Back up chats". The application will back up your WhatsApp message soon. Note that the backup will be stored on your internal storage. The newly made backup will replace the previous one. And daily backups occur at 4:00 a.m. (Your local time) every day.
Back up Android WhatsApp
Done! You have successfully created your WhatsApp message backup. It will record the moment when your backup chats, for example "Last backup: 14:50". By the way, you can back up and export your WhatsApp messages via Email. Once you unfortunately lose your chat history, restore it with the backup. Check this performs in Part 2.

Part 2. Restore Latest Android WhatsApp Messages

Step 1 Re-install WhatsApp on Android Phone
Uninstall WhatsApp > Download and re-install WhatsApp > Run the application > Tap on "Agree and Continue".

Step 2 Sign in WhatsApp
Enter your WhatsApp account > Tap "OK". Make sure your Android phone has the mobile data on or has connects to a WiFi.
Sign in WhatsAPP
Step 3 Restore Chat History
WhatsApp will find out your backup. Select "Restore". Wait for a while. The program will help recover your backup.
Restore WhatsApp Chat History
Congratulations! You have retrieved your lost WhatsApp messages. Frequently back up your WhatsApp chat history. When you lose a phone and move to a new one, when you accidentally delete some important WhatsApp chat history, or when the app is problematic and need to re-install, you don't need to worry about losing your chat history. Your backup will solve everything!
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