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How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number

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Suppose you change the SIM card in your Android phone. What if you need to log in WhatsApp with the new phone number but the old number is currently verified on the phone?

What to Know Before Changing Phone Number

If you want to use a new SIM card on your old Android, you need to manually change WhatsApp phone number. No panic to lose all the info of the old number. Your chat history on the old number will be preserved and transferred. And changing your phone number will migrate your account info, groups and settings. For detailed instruction, read on.

Preparation before Changing WhatsApp

1. Android phone such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.
2. WhatsApp account and password
3. Back up Android WhatsApp data to Google Drive if you are afraid that something goes wrong and your data get lost.

How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number

Warm prompt before starting:
1) Before proceeding, please confirm that you are able to receive SMS or calls at your new number.
2) Make sure your old phone number is currently logged in WhatsApp on your Android phone. Go to "WhatsApp" > "Menu Button" > "Settings" > "Account" > "Payment info".
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Step 1. Go to Settings
Go to Account
Tap the menu icon on your Android phone. Select "Settings" > "Account" > "Change number".

Step 2. Change New Phone Number
1) Tap the "Next" button at the upper-right corner.
2) Enter your old country code and phone number and then the new country code and phone number. Tap the "DONE" button at the upper-right corner.
3) You will receive verification code number through SMS. Failing to receive the message? Tap Call button. Then fill the blank with the code you received.
4) When everything is done, you will see the pop-up as below. Tap "OK".
Change WhatsApp Phone Number
Note: If unfortunately, you lose your WhatsApp data while changing phone number, you can follow check these two guides to restore WhatsApp chat messages with ease.
How to Restore Android WhatsApp Message from Backup
How to Restore iPhone WhatsApp Chat History

Your phone number has been successfully changed from the old number to the new. Now you can send and receive WhatsApp messages with the new account. If you want to export WhatsApp messages or transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android, just browse resources we offered.
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