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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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It is a frustrated experience that you find the same contacts occupy the whole page when scrolling down the phone book. The phone number copies may be generated when you recover the deleted phone number, restore your phone book backup, or use Gmail to keep your data always synchronized with your Google account. Today we do not focus on how this happens, but on how to solve it - delete duplicated contacts on Android with Android Transfer.

Android Transfer is not only a transfer tool, but also a program supports deleting duplicated contacts. Once you connect your phone and start the De-duplicate function. The program will help you find out all copies and then merge them into one group. With this program, you don't need to locate the same items and manually delete them one by one.
Android Transfer – merge duplicate contacts smartly

Follow the step-by-step below, you can easily delete all duplicated contacts in Android. You can also add, delete, import or export contacts between Android phone and PC.

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to PC
Run Android Transfer on your PC. Then connect your Android phone to the computer using the USB cable.
android transfer
Step 2 Find duplicate contacts on Android phone
When your phone is successfully connected, select "Contacts" at the left side. Then choose "De-duplicate" at the toolbar. There will be a pop-up interface asking which accounts you want to switch duplicated contacts from. Select the accounts you want and click "Next".
find duplicate contacts
Step 3 Merge Duplicated Android Phone Numbers
The program will show the amount of copied contacts and groups at the upper-right corner. Select a match type from the options. They are "Exactly matched", "Name and any other item(s) matched", "Email and any other items(s) matched", "Phone and any other item(s) matched", and "Name, email, or phone matched". Select the duplicates you want to delete. Then select "Merge" or "Merge Selected".
merge duplicate contacts
Check your Android phone. No more copied contacts, right? If you think this guide is useful, why not share it with your friends?

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