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How to Download Android Apps on PC

Athryn Mitchell

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Living in such a mobile era, we need different types of assistive tools for work or apps for entertainment every day. It's a piece of cake to download any Android apps when we can access to the WiFi. However, things are different when WiFi is not covered. Take me for example, I don't have WiFi access in my house and the 2G/3G signal nearby is very weak and 4G service is too expensive for me. As a result, it gets really really slow when I try to download Android apps. And sometimes I use up my monthly data traffic quota. So, to solve this, I have to download Android apps on computer with the help of Android Transfer.

Android Transfer, the professional app manager for Android phone/tablet, can help you solve the problem of downloading Android apps. You don't need to worry about the data traffic or the signal issue once you try Android Transfer on your Win/Mac. You can download apps for your Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, ZTE or Huawei with ease from app markets and install it on PC.
Android Transfer – simple guide to download Android apps on PC

If you are upset because of the app download issue, you can try Android Transfer on your Android devices (running Android 2.1 to Android 6.0). It's high-efficient and professional.

Step 1 Download Android Transfer on PC
Download and install Android Transfer on your computer. You will be asked to connect your Samsung/HTC/LG to the computer via USB cable after installing it on your computer.
Transfer Apps from PC to Android
Step 2 Get Android Apps on Computer
There's also a "Download" option on the top next to "Super Toolkit" on the top of Android Transfer, click on "Download" and choose "Google Play" to browse and download apps on your computer. All the apps you download with Android Transfer will be shown in "Downloads" directory at the bottom of the interface. All these apps can be transferred directly to your Android if you want.
Download Android Apps on PC
Note: You can also get apps you want from other app markets on your computer. Download and save them as .apk file on your computer.
Download Apps and Transfer to Android
Step 3 Install Android Apps on Android
Then, in the main interface, you will see several supported data types on your computer, including apps, contacts, SMS, music, photos and videos. Choose "Apps" and all the apps will be listed as well as the detail info like version number, size, install time and location. Tick those you want and hit on "Install" on the top. Then, you will see two more options listed in the interface, "Install Apps to SD Card" and "Install Apps to Phone Storage". Choose the one you want and the apps will be transferred to your Android one by one.
Copy Android Apps to PC
Note: "Install Apps to SD Card" will be recommended because too much files on phone storage will slow down your Android device. Or you can also go to "Super Toolkit" > "Install Apps" to batch install .apk files to your device.
Transferred Android Apps on PC
With these three simple steps, you can download Android apps on PC without wasting any data traffic of your phone. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S7, Sony Xperia X, LG G5 and more works perfectly on Android Transfer. With Android Transfer, you can also backup and restore apps on your Android.

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