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How to Export WhatsApp Messages from Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Why We Export WhatsApp Messages from Android
If you are a big fan and a long termed user of WhatsApp, you must have stored lots of WhatsApp messages on your Android phone. Some of them may be extremely important for you with some vital text content, images, audios, and videos. Sometimes it is necessary to export them from Android for backup or special usage like printing on PC.

Warm Prompt:
1) The following method applies to most popular Android platforms, embracing Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S6 Edge/S5/S4, Galaxy A9/A8, HTC One M9/M8, LG G3/G4, Sony Xperia Z3, and so on.
2) You can only export your WhatsApp messages on the version 2.9.2 or later.

Let's Organize the Steps to Export Android WhatsApp Messages

Step 1 Select Contact to Export
Start the WhatsApp on your Android phone. Long tap on the contact containing your wanted chat history. When the pop up as below occurs, hit "Email Chat".
Tap Email Chat
Select "WITHOUT MEDIA" or "ATTACH MEDIA". If you select ATTACH MEDIA, the WhatsApp messages will be sent with images, audios, and videos enclosed. Otherwise, you will receive a text only.
Attaching Media
Warm Prompt:
1) If your chat history is attached with media files, it will take more time to send.
2) Your chat history may be truncated on a message size restricted device.

Step 2 Enter Reveived Email Address
Make sure that you have set up your email account on your Android phone in Email app or Gmail app. Select the app that with your account logged in. Then enter the destination email address and click the Send arrow.
Send Email
Step 3 Check Exported WhatsApp Messages
The WhatsApp messages will be packaged and exported to the appointed email address in seconds. Check the inbox of the email. The letter with your WhatsApp messages is lying there!
WhatsApp Message Attachment
Click and open the attachment, you can preview the WhatsApp messages, specifying the sent and received time, remarks of the contacts, and the detailed chat content.
Preview WhatsApp Message
You can visit the WhatsApp official website for more details about how to export your Android WhatsApp messages. Not an Android owner but iOS fans? Never mind. Browse another passage and learn to export WhatsApp messages via email on iPhone. Your comment is welcomed. Just leave them in the box!

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