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How to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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If you're just decide to jump into the Android world from a past life on iPhone, there are a quantity of things you might need to transfer to your new device. The most important one would be your contacts. Whereas on Android your contacts are backed up to your Google account automatically, Apple has iCloud to carry out the same duty. Therefore, it's in great need to find a tool to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android phone.

Luckily, there's a simple method to move your address book over these two phones. Android Transfer, no doubt it's the best contact manager for your Android phone. You can easily import contacts with not only the phone numbers but also other information like email address, company, etc. all in once. There is no trouble when you decide to make the choice to change into an Android phone.

Android Transfer supports multiple Android devices include tablets and phones. You can transfer various files with the software like music, contacts, photos, videos. Check the guide below to see how to copy contacts from iCloud to Android.
Android Transfer – contact transfer even from iCloud

Save the very latest contact information to your Android phone, try Android Transfer. Simply click the buttons below to get this tool.

Step 1 Export contacts from iCloud to vcf file
Sign in your iCloud on the browser on your computer. Click Contacts and choose the contacts you want to export. Click the button down left corner, select “Export vCard”.
Export iCloud contacts as vcf
Step 2 Connect Android phone to the computer with Android Transfer
After installing the Android Transfer, connect your Android phone or tablet with USB cable. The program should detect your phone in seconds and display its model on the very first window.
Android contact transfer
Step 3 Import the contacts from iCloud
At the left column, click Contacts. On the contact manager window, check Import/Exportfrom ComputerImport vCard file. Navigate to the place you saved the vCard file, click Open.
import contacts from iCloud to Android
Till now, everything is done. You may check if all the contacts you want to transfer are well lying on your Android phone. If there are some duplicated contacts on Android, you may also merge them with this tool.

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