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How to Import and Export Android Messages

Athryn Mitchell

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Both the Windows and Mac computer are good bases where we can store our important files, for instance, Android SMS backup. We import and store Android messages to PC so that we can better keep them. But sometimes we may want them exported to the Android phone so as to read the messages anywhere. But it is complicated to import and export Android Messages unless you turn to an easy-to-use program like Android Transfer.

Android Transfer is a professional program to assist Android users to import or export their SMS messages. Once connected to the computer, selected text messages can be extracted and exported from Android to PC. On the contrast, they can be copied and pasted from PC to Android. You can go to the details by reading on.

Note: To start with, download and run the program and connect your Android phone to PC.

Part 1: Export Android Messages
Part 2: Import Android Messages

Part 1: Export Android Messages

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to PC
Bridge your Android phone to the computer. Then select "SMS" at the left column.
If you want to export selected SMS only, mark the items you want from the list. Click "Export" and then "Export selected SMS to computer".
If you want to export all text messages, select "Export" and then "Export all SMS to computer".
export sms
Step 2 Export Android Messages to PC
When your see the window as below, select a location on the PC where you want to store the messages. Then click "Save". When all the messages are exported, click "OK".
send SMS via PC to mobile

Part 2: Import Android Messages

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to PC
Connect your Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, LG G, Sony Xperia to the computer. Select "SMS" at the left pane.
android transfer
Note: You will get a not saying "Please confirm the pop-up window on your phone by clicking Yes". Go to your Android phone and then hit the "OK" button in the pop-up. Then go back to the computer and select "OK" in the dialogue box. Doing this allows you to enjoy the feature to import SMS.

Step 2 Set to Import SMS from Computer
Click "Import" in the toolbar. Then go ahead by clicking "Import SMS from computer".
import sms
Step 3 Import Android Messages from PC
There will be a pop-up. You can select the SMS file from your PC to import. Choose the one you want and click the "Save" button. Then text messages in the PC will be imported to your Android phone. When it is done, click the "OK" button to end the process.
Import Android Messages from PC
With this program, you can transfer SMS between Android and PC. And it is also available to transfer contacts, photos, etc.! Just download it and have a try with the help of the guide.

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