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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Android, one of the most widely-used OS of smartphone, has attracted billions of users. Every time when new models such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/S5, etc. are released, even the old iPhone fans would like to switch to the new Android. For some, they have stored plenty of music in iTunes library when they use iPhone. And it seems impossible to move those files to the Android since iTunes is an assistant designed for iOS. But TunesGo, a top-notch transfer tool, can do that.

TunesGo is an outstanding iTunes companion, which supports music transfer between iTunes and Android. Once you connect your phone to the computer where the iTunes is installed, you can selectively choose music in the iTunes Library and transfer them to the Android. Go to details of the steps below.
TunesGo – move iTunes music to your Android

After downloading TunesGo on your PC, please read the handy guide below.

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to PC
To begin with, bridge your Android phone to the computer with the USB cable. Then go to your phone and enable the USB debugging. After that, your phone will be detected and installed.
Android Music Transfer between iTunes and Android
Step 2 Select Music to Transfer
Click "Music" under the category of "ITUNES LIBRARY". Then selectively select songs in the table. Tap the triangle under "Export" in the toolbar. You will get two options – Export to My Computer and Export to Samsung Note 4 for example. Choose the latter one.

This will start the progress of transferring songs from iTunes Library to the connected Android phone. Please wait with patience. When the process ends, you can go to your phone and enjoy the music.
Select Music to Transfer
That's all. The program is able to transfer iTunes movies, download files, sound records, etc. to Android. And you can play the items before copying them. In addition to transfer feature, the program can also available to back up or restore your iTunes Library.

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