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How to Remove Preinstalled Apps on Android

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

People love to buy famous brand mobile phone now. But the phone manufacturer used to pre-install tons of apps in their modified ROM, which spend too much storage space. It also slows down while you run other program. What's worse, you can't simply uninstall them on setting page. The only way to get permission is to root your Android phone or tablet. However, to root your Android device may take your device under risk. A better app manager is needed.

I would like to introduce a tool that may help you to uninstall preinstalled apps on Android – Android Transfer. It's mighty software that able to remove apps from Android without rooting your phone. You can also use this tool to install apps to your phone, backup or export apps to computer. Click to download this handy tool below.
Android Transfer – remove preinstalled apps on Android

Get rip of useless preinstalled apps from your Android phone, try to use Android Transfer below.

Step 1 Connect your Android phone to the computer
Use USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer. The program will display it in the primary window once it's detected. You can browser the various types of files in your Android phone at the left column.
Android apps manager
Step 2 Remove preinstalled apps on android
Find the Apps tab on the left side, all the apps on your phone or tablet will be listed on the main window, include the preinstalled ones. Tick the boxes of the apps you would like to remove. Then Click Uninstall to begin the removal. During the process, make sure your phone is well connected.
remove Android apps
Note: If you don't know if the apps you are uninstalling are the crucial ones, export and backup them before uninstalling.

Is it very simple to make it? You don't even have to use any other professional tools. Just a click, you can uninstall preinstalled apps on Android. Click to download it below.

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