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How to Send SMS from Computer to Mobile

Athryn Mitchell

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Have you ever tried to send messages on a small screen mobile phone? Typing on such a mobile phone with your thumbs would get typo easily. Therefore, sending a text message to a mobile phone from your computer would be much easier and faster than doing it from the limited keypad and tiny screen of a mobile phone.

Android Transfer offers you an alternative way to send SMS from computer. Connect your phone to computer and launch Android Transfer, your phone is connected to the keyboard. Now, you can type your SMS on your computer keyboard and send it with Android Transfer. Follow the guide below to see if it works on your Android phone or tablet.
Android Transfer – sending SMS with your computer keyboard

Type your SMS with Android Transfer on computer instead of typing on your tiny screen. Click to download it below.

Step 1 Launching the Android Transfer on your computer
Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable and run the Android Transfer. The information of your phone should be displayed on the right side. Now, click the SMS on the left column.
Android SMS manager
Step 2 Sending SMS from PC to mobile
Click the New on the menu bar. In the pop-up window, choose the message receivers and type your messages in the Content box. When everything is set and done, just simply click Send to send your messages to the receivers.
send SMS via PC to mobile
Note: This function requires using the SMS network of your phone, which may cost charges from your carrier.

That's how to send SMS from PC to mobile with Android Transfer. In fact, you can transfer data between your Android phone or tablet and computer with this mighty tool easily. Check more tutorials about Android Transfer.

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