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How to Copy SMS from Samsung Mobile to PC

Athryn Mitchell

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To treasure SMS you sent or received on your Samsung phone, Samsung Galaxy S5 for example, there are many different ways. Some suggested that we can take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy and save it as a photo. However, there're a few shortcomings: First of all, the size of photo will be larger than a text message. When you don't have much size left, it's not practical to have text messages saved as a picture. Secondly, when the SMS is long, it's very likely that some contents can't be shown in one screen which will finally lead to a mess. The simplest way, I think, to save them is to copy SMS from Samsung mobile to PC with the help of Android Transfer.

Android Transfer, the handy software to help Samsung Galaxy transfer SMS from Samsung to PC, is very extraordinary and high-efficient. You don't need to prepare for lots of things, or execute complex steps, or waiting for a long time for the end of the process. What you need is to get the Android SMS transfer ready, and find a matching USB cable for your Samsung Galaxy S5 or even Galaxy S6 Edge/S7 which runs the latest Android Marshmallow or Android Lollipop.
Android Transfer – excellent Galaxy SMS transfer tool for Android users

How to transfer messages from Samsung to PC? This is a heated topic Samsung users are discussing, but many Galaxy users still don't know the efficient way. Just try Android Transfer and you will find it helpful.

Step 1 Connect Samsung Galaxy to Android Transfer on PC
Download Android Transfer on your computer (Win: Win 10 and earlier; Mac: Mac OS X 10.11 and earlier). After finishing the installation, you will be asked to connect the Galaxy phone to the computer with the USB cable.
Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC
Step 2 Download SMS from Samsung Mobile to PC
After everything is ready and your Samsung phone is connected to the computer. The phone data will be displayed in the interface. You will find "SMS" category on the left panel. Click on it and all the messages will be shown in the interface. Preview the message detail and tick all those you want to transfer. After that, hit on the "Export" option on the top and the SMS will be moved from Samsung Galaxy mobile to computer in a short time.
Export Samsung Messages to PC
Note: Note: Samsung is only one of the supported phone brands. Besides Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and more devices are supported to transfer SMS/MMS from Android to PC with the similar steps.

If you want to know more about how to print text messages and MMS from Samsung Galaxy to PC, you can download Android Transfer on your computer and try it on your own. After that, you can check it on your computer anytime you like. By the way, if you have any problem while using Android Transfer, please feel free to leave messages below to describe your case or email us: support@transphone.net and we will spare no efforts to give you a satisfying solution.

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