Apps for Work

Here you will find several excellent apps for work, including those for taking notes, adding calendars, time management, cloud-based note-taking, cloud storage, password management and email receiving.

Keep Your e-Notepad With You Anywhere

We take notes/dairy every day in our life. It will be inconvenience and not economical to always take the notebook with us. Here I will show you how I solved this.

How I Check and Edit My Notes on Different Devices

This article shows you how I check and edit notes on different devices, you can check the introduction here and see which one is better for you, Evernote or OneNote?

Keep Your Life Scheduled with Your Personal Secretary on Phone/Tablet

Your boss been mad at you because of missing an important meeting? What did you do to stop this from happening again? Check this to see how I keep my life scheduled.

Track Time and Improve Work Efficiency with RescueTime

With Internet, it is very easy for us to be distracting from work, so do I. Here I show you how I track time and improve work efficiency with RescueTime on Android.

How I Sync Files between Devices on Cloud Storage

To keep our precious files saved, we don't need to save them on PC and phone. Instead, we just need the cloud storage app to sync files between multiple devices.

How I Check Emails from Different Accounts

It's a headache when we have many emails accounts to check. Time is wasted on opening official sites and sign in emails unless we try some email manager apps.

"Forgot Password" Issue Solved by Password Manager

Be pissed off because you can't remember the password for your accounts? Why not try some password manager such as 1Password. Here's how I feel after using it.