Computer to iPhone Transfer

Here we go, copy files from computer to iPhone by having a glance on the below transfer tutorials. Contacts, songs, videos, are supported.

How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone

Here's a simple tutorial provided for all you iOS users, for example, iPhone ones. By reading this, you can transfer contacts from computer to iPhone.

How to Sync Music to iPhone

To sync music to iPhone, here is a simple guide for you. Purchase iOS Transfer on your computer and try syncing music to your iPhone with simple steps.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

Don't let this tutorial slip away since it can give you useful tips about transferring photos from PC to your iPhone.

How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone

Looking for a practical way to transfer music from Mac to iPhone? This passage is proper for you to follow so that you could switch music files here and there easily.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhoto to iPhone

Photos transfer between iPhoto and iPhone are also needed for iOS users who use Mac. You can use iOS Transfer and simply copy the pictures from iPhoto to iPhone.

How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone

No matter how many photos you have in your Mac you want to transfer to your iPhone, you can try iOS Transfer to try copying Mac pictures to your iPhone at will.

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone

The simplest way to transfer video from PC to iPhone is using iOS Transfer. It helps you copy the movies from computer to iPhone 6, including converting the format for iPhone.

How to Transfer Songs from PC to iPhone

Unlike iTunes, which has a lot of limitation, you can transfer your songs from PC to iPhone easily with 2 simple steps. Just read the below guide and have a try on your own.

Easily Browse iPhone Files on Win/Mac

This is a tutorial showing you how to easily browse your iPhone files on your Windows 8 or Mac. Read the detail guide to try it on your own.

How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

Is there one way to make it easier to transfer Pictures from computer to iPhone than using iTunes? Well, you may find the answer in this guide.