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Learn How to Cook with Your Mobile Devices

Athryn Mitchell

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People today attach high attentions to their health. So, people tend to go workout in gym to keep fit from time to time. However, exercise is not the only thing we have to do. Instead, we should also focus on dietary aspect. When it comes to the dietary matter, some of us will say, "I'd love to cook something healthy, but it always turns out to be in a mess. You know, I know nothing about cuisine."

Well, yes. It's hard to stir up food in your pan and check the cooking guideline at the same time. Thankfully, there are many Android cooking apps provided for help. These apps are much helpful because you don't need to turn the page on guideline. You just need to play the video and follow it with your mobile phone.

BigOven offers over 350,000 recipes for housewife, cooking lover and more target users. Like most cook apps, you can add required integrants to shopping list and have them prepared one by one. With BigOven, you can cook different meals for your love ones without racking your brains. This app is really a good app that you can get inspired by the provided recipes. You can choose the collections provided: season, holiday, course, lifestyle, diet and more so that you can find the recipes you are interested in with ease.
Learn How to Cook with Bigoven
Yummly Recipes & Shopping List
Yummly Recipes and Shopping List allow us to add the required ingredients into grocery shopping list so that you can buy the food for the cooking without forgetting things. If you find the recipes you are interested in, you can simply tap on "Yum" button on your Android/iPhone to set the recipes as your favorite. Yummly is smarter than other recipes apps for portable devices from my point of view because you can set up your nutrition preferences, taste and alergies, so that Yummly can provide you with more food that you are interested in.
Learn How to Cook with Yummly Recipes
Food Network In the Kitchen
On Food Network In the Kitchen, there are new recipes added to the app every month. There's no need to worry that there are no satisfying recipes to follow. Over thousands of videos or photo recipes are provided for you to choose. To help you find the recipes easier, the recipes are divided into several collections: Appetizers, brunch, chicken, desserts, fan favorites, healthy, Italian, kid-friendly, quick & easy, steak and vegetarian, you name it. You can not only learn how to cook on your own, but also share the recipes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Learn How to Cook with Food Network In the Kitchen
ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List
ChefTap is a little different from other recipes apps for Android and iPhone that have a load of recipes built-in. Instead, ChefTap allows you to clip recipes from any web, blog, and more and save it on your ChefTap app. Besides, you can also share the pin or the whole pinboard if you find some interesting recipes on Pinterest.
Even if you don't have an account, you can save up to 15 receipts on your device. Moreover, it will also help you create grocery list in shopping list so that you can buy whatever is required in the recipes. Last but not least, the recipes that you've synced on your device can be backed up once a week with simple click.
Learn How to Cook with Cheftap Recipes
Cookbook Recipes
On Cookbook Recipes, there are many different categories provided for choice: Apple Pie Recipe, Thanksgiving Recipes, Chili Recipe, Pancake Recipe, Turkey Recipes, Chocolate Cake Recipe and more. Just choose the category you are interested in and follow the instruction of the videos. Besides, there are other useful features on Cookbook Recipes:
1. Show preparation time and info of nutrition.
2. Show ingredients that needed in the shopping list.
3. …
Learn How to Cook with Cookbook Recipes
With these useful Android/iPhone cooking apps, you can cook delicious, tasty and healthy food for your family and friends even though you are not a chef who is really good at cooking. Moreover, you can learn how to cook like well-known chefs from high-class restaurant just with your smartphone.
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