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How to Backup iPhone Contacts

Athryn Mitchell

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My iPhone 5s has added lots of clients' contacts which are significant for my business, so I'd like to save them to PC as a backup. Do you have some practical suggestions? No losing any data!
Without losing any data in the process of backing up iPhone contacts, iCloud may be a good way to fix this issue, which also allows you to manage them on iCloud web page. Nevertheless, every coin has both sides. iCloud supports only three backup files so some saved contacts will be covered if you back up more than three times. To fix this defect, it is better to seek for another approach.

When you input "How to Back up iPhone Contacts" in Google search, there comes numerous methods recommended. After filtering, there are two practical approaches to copy contacts for your iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6/6 Plus/5s/5/4s and any other iDevices. They work for not only contacts transport, but also switching music, photos, messages and so on.

Tutorial 1: Copy iOS Contacts via iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Do Contacts Backup with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Copy iOS Contacts via iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer – a wonderful exporter/importer for iOS contacts

iOS Transfer serve for contacts management on iOS Devices, for example, merge the repeated phone numbers, export contacts, add contacts and backup/restore them. Just install it from the following button to try.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to iOS Transfer
Downloading and installing this wonderful app on your computer, you need to plug your iPhone 5s to PC with data line.
Main Window
Note: At the same time, install iTunes on your computer so that iOS Transfer runs normally.

Step 2 Back up Contacts with One-Click
Move to "Toolkit" or the home page to click "Backup Contacts". The pop-up will tell you when the process would finish.
Back up Contacts with One-Click
With iOS Transfer, you're allowed to transfer selective contacts from iPhone to computer. Just go to "Contacts" to choose one or more person that you want to save and click "Backup/Restore" > "Backup".
Backup iPhone Contact To Computer
Step 3 Preview Backup Files
Open the folder to get more details of the backup files. The contacts can be kept as CSV/vCard format on the PC so that you can preview the information.
Preview Backed Up Files

Tutorial 2: Do Contacts Backup with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer – a useful tool to back up Phone data data

iPhone/iPad/iPod and other Android devices can be supported by Phone Transfer, which works on Windows 10/8/7/XP/2003/Vista and Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer on PC
Put this program on PC from the source above and connect your iPhone to computer. Don't forget tap "Trust" on your computer. Then, let's go to "Back up Your Phone" on the home screen.
Primary Window
Step 2 Select Contents for Backup
It takes some time to scan your phone at this point. After that, tick the box in front of "Contacts" and "Start Transfer" to transmit the names, numbers, e-mails,etc. to PC.
Backup iPhone Contacts
Step 3 Confirm the Results
Move to the folder that has saved the contacts just now. The backup files are marked as "BAK File" on computer.
Confirm Backed Up Files
Note: BAK File cannot be opened without the specific program but it can be restored no matter whether you open it.

Which option is better is up to you. All in all, they are easy to handle in backing up your iPhone contacts, or other type of contents. Compared with Phone Transfer, iOS Transfer is worthy-recommended if you only transfer contents between iDevices. If you switch data between iOS and Android, like Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, it is apparent that Phone Transfer plays vital role.

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