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How to Back Up iPhone Photos

Athryn Mitchell

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My friend told me that his son was born recently and he has taken some videos and photos using iPhone 6 Plus for the process of birth. Those memories should be cherished so he want to back up those photos and videos from iPhone to PC. However, the number of pictures is too large and iCloud only has 5G storage with slow speed, so he asks for help.

Under such situation, iOS Transfer is a straightforward helper to back up iPhone 6 Plus pictures. With iOS Transfer, you can transfer photos from iOS devices to computer directly so when you tend to regain them, there is no need to download backup files again. Better yet, it supports .png, .jpg, jpeg and other formats of images on your iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6/6 Plus/5s/5/4s, iPad Air/Mini, iPod Touch and Window PC/Mac.
iOS Transfer – a conducive helper for backing up

After downloading this app below, you will be free to transport your iOS contents back and forth between iDevices and PC/Mac.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to iOS Transfer
Install this program on computer and simultaneously download iTunes which works together with iOS Transfer. Then, connect iDevice to PC and tap "Trust" on iPhone.
Main Window
Step 2 Preview Desired Images
Put the mouse to "Photos" to enter a desired album and choose a photo. Right click the photo for "Preview" option.
Preview Desired Images
Step 3 Do Photos Backup
iOS Transfer enables you to back up selective images and the whole pictures once. Here two aspects are shown.
Save Photos to PC
If you have confirmed that the previewed image is out of question, move to "Export to" > "Export to PC" to choose a local path to save.
Save Photos to PC
Note: You're allowed to filter photos using the box on the upper-right corner. Or if you'd like to select more than one photo but less than whole, it is possible to press "Shift" on keyboard and click the ideal images at the same time.

Copy Album Photos from iPhone
Alternatively, switching all pictures from a album is OK when you enter "Photos" and choose an album on the right side. Then, click "Export to" > "Export to PC" to move them to a folder on computer.
Copy Album Photos from iPhone
Step 4 Confirm Backup Files on PC
The processing bar goes to the end so you can open the folder to preview the photos from iPhone.
Check Backup Files on PC
Only if you follow these procedures above, can you back up your iOS device contents to computer quickly. It is good for enjoying photos from camera roll, panorama, photo library on both iPhone and PC. Furthermore, iOS Transfer still lets you back up iOS photos to Mac.

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