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How to Back Up iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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Generally, why we do iPhone backup is for saving data permanently. Our iDevices sometimes may go wrong or suddenly get into recovery mode or expose to abnormal status. At this point, we should take preventive measures for protecting those contents in our iPhone. Thus, to make backup for iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6/6 Plus/5s/5/4s is one of these preventive methods. Nevertheless, how many ways do you know in backing up iPhone/iPad/iPod?

iTunes and iCloud backup are the primary choices crossing many iOS users' minds, while iOS Transfer is also a practical tool to easily copy iPhone data. iOS Transfer offers not only one way to save contents from iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 6 or later, which works with iTunes, so you can apply it to back up to iTunes, too. Here, let's get familiar with two methods in backing up using iOS Transfer and iCloud.

Tutorial 1: Back up iDevices via iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Make iPhone Backup Using iCloud

Tutorial 1: Back up iDevices via iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer – a straightforward copier for iPhone

As a simply method to make a backup for iDevices, iOS Transfer is compatible with many kinds of data, like music, photos, videos, SMS, contacts and so on, which can be used in both window and Mac version.

Step 1 Launch iOS Transfer
Put USB cable with your iPhone and computer after downloading and installing this program.
Main Window
Step 2 Do Backup in Two Ways
Go to "Toolkit" > "To Folder" or you can also find it out after connecting iPhone to PC. Your iOS data will be scanned and listed on the following interface. Next, select a folder to save them and click "Start" to copy files.
Backup iPhone in Toolkit
Note: If the scanned result is different from your iPhone, go back to click "To Folder" again to scan once more. Meanwhile, "To iTunes" still works for backing up if you choose it.

Alternatively, only saving selected files from iPhone is OK with the help of iOS Transfer. For instance, it is passable to back up some messages with clicking "SMS" to choose desired messages and right-click for "Export Selected Messages" > "CSV File" so that the selected data is preserved to PC.
Backup iPhone To Folder
Step 3 Preview Backup Folders
After the process is accomplished, click "Open Folder " to check your backup data.
Preview Backup Folders

Tutorial 2: Make iPhone Backup Using iCloud

All iOS devices go with iCloud which is for saving your iPhone data, including photos, contacts, pages, notes, reminders, etc. You can get more details in How to Do iCloud Backup.

Step 1 Connect to Network
It is a must to turn on Wi-Fi at first and make sure your device owns enough battery power to go on.

Step 2 Do iCloud Backup
Move to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Backup" to turn on "iCloud Backup" toggle. Then, tap "Back Up Now" to let iCloud back up data automatically.
Turn On iCloud Backup Do iCloud Backup
: iCloud only supports 5GB storage for free, so you should pay for more storage. In addition, there are three backup files allowed on iPhone, so the fourth one will cover the first one.

Step 3 Check Backup Files
You are allowed to check the backup files on your iPhone but it cannot give you details so go to www.icloud.com with your Apple ID and passcode to view what is in the iCloud backup file.
Check Backup Files
Which way is easier depends on you. If you're exposed to the condition without network, it is apparent that iOS Transfer plays vital role in saving your iPhone data. Moreover, it also supports to back up all contents or to copy selected data at a time. It is suggested that you should back up your iOS data regularly for keeping your important files.

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