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How to Export WhatsApp Messages via Email on iPhone

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Besides creating a WhatsApp message backup with iCloud, there is another approach to back up your iPhone WhatsApp chat history - export WhatsApp messages via email on iPhone. This will help you copy and transfer your selected WhatsApp messages including text messages, pictures, etc. to the appointed email inbox. Chat history will be attached as "WhatsApp Chat: Tina.txt" file to this email.

Export WhatsApp Messages via Email on iPhone

Step 1 Go to Email Chat
Left slip the contact.
Select "More".
Select "Email Chat" in the pop-up.
Select iPhone WhatsApp Messages
Step 2 Send WhatsApp Messages via Email on iPhone
Select "Attach Media" or "Without Media".

If you choose the former one, chat history will be sent with text messages, images, audios,etc. But it will generate a larger email message. Otherwise,you can send text messages only.

Type the email address in the text field.
Tap the "Send" button at the upper-right corner.
Send Email with WhatsApp Messages
Step 3 Check Exported WhatsApp Message on Email
Log in your email.
Go to Inbox of your email and check the exported WhatsApp messages. You can download them by clicking the arrow icon and save them to Drive.

If you send the email with media files enclosed, you will receive the attachments including both text and media files. All the images can be shared to Google+ by clicking the g+ icon at the upper right corner.
Exported WhatsApp Media
Open the text attachment, you can read all the text messages with sent and received time, contact’s name, and detailed contents.
Exported WhatsApp Text Messages
For Android users to export WhatsApp messages via Email from Android, click this link.

Easy, isn’t it? If you want to back up all the WhatsApp messages from iPhone at one time, we suggest you choose iCloud backup. Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Back Up Now. Feeling lazy? WhatsApp manager will automatically back up your chat history at 4:00 a.m. every day.

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