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How to Export Text Messages from iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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The SMS on your iPhone might be your most precious memories with your friends, families, loved one or your children. Emails where saved in the servers are safe, but SMS are saved in your phone. If your phone gets lost or damaged accidentally, you will lose them forever. Because iOS is a closed system, you could hardly get an app that can manage export SMS from iPhone.

Since the lack of apps on SMS backup, you can't get your SMS exported from your iPhone. Thankfully, there's 2 mighty tools to help your achieve it, also bring you much convenienceto save text messages from iPhone to computer.

Tutorial 1: Export Text Messages from iPhone with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Export SMS from iPhone with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Export Text Messages from iPhone with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer, a powerful tool that can export text messages from iPhone so that you don't have to suffer from the loss of your SMS if your lost your iPhone by accident. Also, you may use the data copy tool I recommended to do the routine backup of your SMS so that you can check it on your computer.

iOS Transfer– iPhone SMS Export tool for you.
Read and follow the guide below in order to get your SMS exported probably and correctly.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to the computer
After downloading the program, connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. The software will detect your iPhone model automatically and show its info to the primary window.
Home Screen
Step 2 Exporting SMS from iPhone

TappingSMSat the left column and it will bring up the SMS main window for you to do the following process. Select theMMS, SMS and iMessagesyou want to export. Then, clickExport toon the menu bar.

A drop-down list allows you to chooseExport Selected MessagesorExport All Messages, according to your choice. Then, another list allows you to select what kind of format you want to save as, such as.txt, .html, or .xml file.

Export SMS

iOS Transfer allows you to save messages as various formats so that you can backup and restore your data easily later. Also, you cantransfer files between iPhone and computerwith its help.

Tutorial 2: Export Text Messages from iPhone with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a practical program to have your data transferred between 2 devices. With it, your vital information such as call history, phone numbers and SMS can be quickly copied to computer or other devices. Now, let me tell how to export text message from iPhone.
Phone Transfer- an easy-to-use iPhone SMS carrier

By using Phone Transfer, your text on your iPhone can be safely transmitted to PC with only 3 steps. What's more, it allows you to send data from iPhone to mobile devices.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Install Phone Transfer to your computer and turn it on. Click the "Back Up Your Phone" icon. To have your iPhone detected, you have to set up iTunes first.
Phone Transfer Primary Window

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to PC
Plug your iPhone to your computer through USB cable. After being detected, the phone will be shown in the left box as the "Source".
Connect iPhone

Step 3 Transfer iPhone text message to computer
Select the "Text message" in the "Select content to backup" box. Click the "Start Copy" icon and your text will be sent to your computer. But remember, the backed up text cannot be read on computer due to its format.
Transfer iPhone Text Message to Computer
See, how easy it is! With Phone Transfer, you have no need to worry about important text message missing anymore!

Two transfer tools introduced above are quite practical. With them,you can not only export your information to computer, but also transfer data to other devices and even cloud.
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