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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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You get a new iPad mini 4. And you intend to move some previous files from the computer to the new iDevice, such as important contacts, precious photos, music and movies. How can you reach the goal – to transfer files from PC to iPad? Some would like to use iTunes. However, it always takes a long time to transfer media files, especially movies in large size. Luckily, there is another express lane to do the job faster. It is iOS Transfer.

iOS Transfer is an awesome program that surpasses many other similar products because of its multiple functions and the easy-to-navigate interface. It helps you move files from PC to iPad. You can easily transfer music, movies, TV shows, music videos, playlists, camera roll, books, contacts, and more to iPad. The software works perfectly on Window 10/8/7Vista. And it fully matches with almost all iDevice based from iOS 6 to iOS 9.
iOS Transfer – get files from PC onto iPad

With one program, you can transfer multiple file types from PC to iPad, including contacts, photos, books, music, and videos.

1) Run iOS Transfer on Windows PC.
2) Connect iPad to PC. You iPad need to be trusted by computer. If there's password on your iPad, please enter the password and click "Trust"; if there's no password, please directly "Trust".

Part 1: Transfer Music from PC to iPad
Part 2: Transfer Photos from PC to iPad
Part 3: Sync Contacts from PC to iPad

Part 1: Transfer Music from PC to iPad

Note: This method also applies to movies, TV show, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U, and ringtone transfer.

Step 1 Go to Media
Select “Media” at the left pane. Then go to “Music” > “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder”.
Add Media to PC
Step 2 Copy Media Files to iPad
You are required to choose files or a folder that contains your wanted files in your PC. Make options and then click the button "OK" in the box. iOS Transfer will import all the media files to the iPad.
Transfer Media from PC to iPad

Part 2: Transfer Photos from PC to iPad

Step 1 Add Folder to iPad
Click "Photos" at the left pane. Then click the triangle next to "Add". Then choose "Add Folder".
Note: You can click "New Album", to create a new album to store the imported photos.
Add Photos from PC
Step 2 Sync Photos from PC to iPad
When the pop-up box occurs, you can browse your computer for folder where your wanted files are stored. Then click "OK". Selected folder will sync pictures to your iPad.
Transfer Photos from PC to iPad

Part 3: Sync Contacts from PC to iPad

Step 1 Set to Import Contacts from PC to iPad
Choose Contacts at the left column. Click the triangle icon following "Import/Export" > Choose "Import Contacts". Then you have various options to import contacts from - Outlook, Windows Address Book, CSV file, or vCard file. Choose contact backup types you want.
Add Contacts from PC
Step 2 Select Contacts to Import
Choose contact from the PC and click the button "OK". Then a note as below will occur, showing how many contacts are detected. Click the button "Import".
Contacts detected
Step 3 Sync Contacts from PC to iPad
iOS Transfer will import files from PC to iPad. When it is over, click "OK". And you can check the imported items.
Contact Transfer Completed
That's the complete steps to transfer files to iPad. Choose whichever section you need and have a try on new iPad Air2/Air, iPad mini 4/3/2, and more.

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