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How to Fix iOS Device Not Detected

Athryn Mitchell

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In general, when you plug your USB cable into your computer. The program will detect your iOS device in seconds. But you may meet the situation that the program fail to connect your iPhone or iPod. Do you know what to do when your Apple device is not detected or failed to connect? Check the advices below.

How to Fix Failed to Connect iPhone to Computer

Reason The reasons will lead to this issue
1. Your iOS device is earlier than iOS 5.0.
2. iTunes is not installed on your computer.
3. iCloud is opened when your iPhone/iPad/iPod connects to the computer.
4. The device's screen passcode is not unlocked or the device is not authorized.
5. Apple Mobile Device service is not running.

Fix it The suggestion way to fix the problem
1. Upgrade your iOS device to the latest version.
2. Make sure you've the latest iTunes installed properly.
3. Turn off iCloud syncing while transfer data between devices.
4. Unlock the device if there is a password.
5. Right click Computer, click ManageComputer ManagementService and ApplicationsServices. Find Apple Mobile Device, right click and choose Start to start the service.
Apple Mobile Device Service switch on
After doing one or some of the procedures above. Click the Retry button in the tool and reinsert your USB core to reconnect your device. Also you may try to connect them from another USB port.
Now, you may download the iOS Transfer below.

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