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How to Transfer Podcast from iPad to iTunes

Athryn Mitchell

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I want the Podcast that I've subscribed on iPad Air appear automatically on iTunes when I signed in with the same Apple ID. I have subscribed about 28 podcasts and it is really a headache that I have to manually add them to both my Library and iPad on my own – not to mention keeping all those data synced as I add or delete the subscriptions. How to transfer podcasts from iPad to iTunes? Are you facing the same problem as me? Do you think Apple is working on to fix it?

In fact, there is no need to rely on Apple. You can try solving it on your own. iOS Transfer can help you copy podcast from iPad to iTunes in one simple click. Though iTunes can't copy your podcast from iOS device to iTunes, iOS Transfer, however, can do this with no doubt. It is capable to copy video and audio without restrictions.
iOS Transfer – amazing podcast transfer
Click the buttons below to sync podcasts from iPad to Library with iOS Transfer. Read the following guide below to see how to achieve it.

Step 1 Connect your iPad to PC
Connect your iPad to the PC to have iOS Transfer installed. The interface should be like the sample below.
iPad to iTunes transfer
Step 2 Export podcast from your iPad to iTunes
Click the Podcasts tab on the left side. You will see all the contents under it on your iPad. Choose the ones you desire to transfer from my Air to iTunes by checking the boxes in front of them. Then, click the "To iTunes" on the menu bar. The program will automatically sync iPad mini podcast to iTunes Library.
transfer podcast from ipad to itunes
iOS Transfer also empowers you to transfer various files not commonly used like videos from iPhone to computer.

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