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How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Athryn Mitchell

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"I saved my contacts on my SIM card and I am afraid that when I went abroad I can't contact my friend because I have to use other SIM card when I am oversea. So I want to export my iPhone contacts to Gmail. Is there any useful way that can help me with this?"

Well, this is a hot topic among iOS users, and there are also several ways to export iPhone contacts to Gmail. Today, I will show you two of them. The one is to use iOS Transfer, the other one is to use your web browser. I prefer the first one because you need to transfer the phone number to computer first and then move them to Gmail. So, if unfortunately, your iPhone contacts get lost some day, you still have a chance to get them back because you've backed up the contacts to your computer. Now let's start the introduction.
iOS Transfer – nice tool to export contacts from iPhone to Gmail

iOS Transfer is an handy tool that enables you to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer as well as music, photos, playlist, and so on. It is compatible with iDevice which runs iOS 5 to iOS 8.

Tutorial 1: Export iPhone contacts to Gmail using iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail using web browser.

Tutorial 1: Export iPhone contacts to Gmail using iOS Transfer

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer on Your Computer
Click the button above to download iOS Transfer, and then launch it after the download finishes.

Step 2 Connect iPhone to PC
After the first step, connect your iPhone to the computer, iOS Transfer will detect your iPhone backup automatically.
launch ios transfer
Step 3 Export iPhone contacts to vCard file
After connecting iPhone to your computer, you will see all the files displayed on the interface of iOS Transfer. Click "Contacts" on the left sidebar and choose whatever you want to copy. Then, click "Import/Export". Then you can choose whether to "Export all contacts to computer" or "Export selected contacts to computer". Then, choose vCard file. Then, you will be asked to choose a path to save the vCard file in.
export contacts from iphone
Step 4 Import iPhone contacts to Gmail
Now after the 3 steps above, the vCard files will be displayed on the computer, then log in your Gmail. And click "Gmail" on the left sidebar. Then follows as this: Click "Contacts"< "More"< choose "import" in the pull-down list. An interface will pop up asking you to "Choose File". Add the vCard file from where you save and click "Import" and the vCard files will be imported to your Gmail within few seconds.
import gmail contacts

Tutorial 2: Transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail using web browser

Here's another way to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail. You need an iCould account or Apple ID, if you don't have one, please sign up one first. Then, please follow the below steps.

Step 1 Sync contacts with iCloud
After you get an iCloud account or Apple ID, you can click "Settings" on your iPhone and then "Navigate to iCloud". On the pop-up window, sign in your ID and click the button on the right.
syncing contacts with icloud
Step 2 Export iPhone contacts to PC
Open your browser to open the official site of iCloud. Then, sign in your iCloud account and click "Contacts". Then, you will see all the contacts listed on the lower left bottom. Click "setting" and choose "Export vCard", choose a folder that you want to save the vCard files in.
export contacts to computer
Step 3 Connect iPhone to PC
Log in your Gmail account on your PC. Then, follow these steps: "Contacts" < "More" < "Import". Click "Choose File" and find the vCard file which you've saved on the computer to import it. At last, you will see all your iPhone contacts imported to Gmail.
import gmail contacts
That's it. Both of the ways are useful, you will find that though the first way is a pay one, it is much easier. Though export to Gmail from web browser is free, there are more processes to performing it. In short, both helps and you can choose the one you think is most appropriate to you.  As you can see, to transfer contacts between iPhone and computer is not that complex.

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