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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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"I tried importing my contacts from my iPhone to iPad via iTunes, but ended up removing/deleting every single contact from my iPhone. I had to call customer service to try to get them back, but was unsuccessful. I had to restore my contacts from a previous backup I had done to get them back. But I did figure out how to do this... "
iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones around the world. An iOS lover would have another iPad in common. But when you want to have FaceTime with your families or friends but can't get their email or phone number easily on your iPhone. It would be better to have two mighty tools to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad.

Tutorial 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad with iOS Transfer

For now, you can get the iOS Transfer to have your contacts transferred fast and safely without losing. Follow the guide below to import contacts or other files from your iPhone to iPad.
iOS Transfer – Copy iPhone contacts to iPad
Before getting started, click the button below to download iOS Transfer on your computer. Install it like other program and read the following tutorial. Next comes the tutorial: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad.

Step 1 Connect both of your iPhone and iPad with the computer
Use the USB cables to connect both of the iOS devices to the same computer. The transfer will detect their models and display the files on the devices in seconds.
iPhone to iPad Transfer
Note: You need to install iTunes on your computer before transferring, so make sure iTunes installed on your iPhone.

Step 2 Transfer iPhone contacts to iPad
On the left column, click "Contact" and then tick all the contacts that you want to transfer. After that, right click on the mouse, and choose "Export selected contacts". Then, choose the device name of your iPad. And it start transferring your iPhone contacts to iPad.
Then choose the contacts you desire to export to iPad, then click “Import/Export” on the menu bar. Click export contacts to your iPad on the pull-down menu appears. The period should last in no more than a minute.
iPhone Contacts to iPad
After the transferring is done, you may check it on your iPad to see if all the contacts you want to transfer are right in your iPad.

Tutorial 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a professional tool to remove data from one phone to another. With this program, your important information including phone numbers, call history, text message and media like music and videos can be safely sent to another device with efficiency. Now, let me tell me how to transfer contacts from iPhone from iPad with it.
Phone Transfer -Send iPhone contacts to iPad

Phone Transfer not only supports transfer between iDevices, but also cross system transfer, say iOS to Android, Symbian to Android, Symbian to iOS and so on.

Step 1Install Phone Transfer and launch
After installing the software correctly to your computer, launch it and click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" to enter Step 2.
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect both your iPhone and iPad to computer
Plug both devices into your computer with USB cables. In this process, you have to install iTunes first to have your iDevices detected by the program by showing in the "Source" and "Destination" boxes respectively.
Connect iPhone and iPad
Note: If you want to exchange their position, just click the "Flip" icon.

Step 3 Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad
Select the "Contacts" in the middle column, and then click the "Start Copy" button. Your files will be sent to your iPad in few seconds.
Transfer iPhone Contacts to iPad

In this way, you can directly send conatcs from your iPhone to your iPad without transmitting them to computer first, which saves time for you. Also, Phone Transfer allows you to backup your information, restore your data from backups and erase something significant in case of changing another one.
Ok, there are 2 useful tools for you to help deal with the iPhone Contacts to iPad transfer issue. You can choose one of them as you like!

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