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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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Many iPhone users are keen on syncing contacts from related accounts, like Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo and Gmail, etc. Thus, numerous phone numbers and e-mails will be saved on iOS Devices. If you think it is a burden but do not tend to lose them, you can save them to another space, so computer is a proper place to keep them safely. On the other hand, when you cannot bear that lots of repeated contacts on your iPhone, to merge those duplicate phone number is a wise choice.

To achieve these two goals, iOS Transfer dose well in coping iPhone contacts to PC and merging iOS repeated contacts. As for transferring iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6/6 Plus/5s contacts, iOS Transfer plays significant role. It supports to import phone numbers to iDevices and export iOS contacts to PC in distinguished formats. Besides, it is so considerate that the exported files can be sent to your e-mail addresses after being saving on PC.
iOS Transfer – a safe contacts manger

Contacts could be imported to iOS devices and exported as different formats on PC. Moreover, to import or export other contents also works with this safe and smart contacts manager.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Computer
Prepare a USB cable for using iOS Transfer if you download and install it on PC, because you need to connect your iDevice to PC.
iOS Transfer Main Window
Step 2 Export Contacts to CSV/vCard File
Go to "Contacts" to select the person that you'd like to export and you can tick the box in front of the name of that person. Click "Export Selected Contacts"/"Export All Contacts" > "to CSV File" or other options as you like.
Export Contacts to CSV/vCard
Notes: The upper-right corner is set with a searching box for you to find out the ideal contacts swiftly among multiple persons.

Step 3 Choose Local Path to Save
The next window will ask you to choose a local file to save your exported contacts with pressing "OK".
Choose Path to Save Contacts
Step 4 Preview CSV/vCard File on PC
Open the folder that you have kept these contacts and double-click the file to check the details. From the pictures shown to you, CSV format is presented as an excel file while vCard is displayed as a vcf file which is a name card.
View Transferred Contacts on PC
Notes: After you open these two files, you can gain what is difference between the two formats.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values to save contacts as an excel. It can give you all information of the contacts, but it is not hard to read because there are lots of commas in the file.

vCard, or rather an electronic name card, displays name, phone number, address, e-mail, etc. very clearly but not all computers support to open this format.

What presents to you is what you want! The contacts is transferred to your PC as certain file which allows you to export and read them conveniently. Moreover, to switch iPhone contacts to iPad can be also accomplished with the help of iOS Transfer, which makes this process safe, stable integral and simply.

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