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How to Transfer Videos from iPod Touch to iTunes

Athryn Mitchell

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So as to better manage my data between iOS devices, I have to convert videos to iTunes from iPod touch. I feel like sync data between iPod and iTunes, for example, movies and music, so that I can latter transfer my videos from iPod to iPod with iTunes Library. One of our iOS users asked us this kind of problems on Google+. Today, I will show all of you an outstanding iOS data managing tool, which is called iOS Transfer. It can help you a lot. Below I will give you a brief introduction of iOS Transfer.

The iOS Transfer, which I'd like to recommend to you today is an useful and multifunctional software. You can copy videos, music, photos, contacts, etc. between your iDevices, iTunes and PC. That's it, cool, isn't it? You may ask: "how to transfer videos to iTunes from iPod touch? I know little about tech. Could you please just be simple? Thanks!" Of course, iOS Transfer is not difficult to use at all. Just read the below tutorial.
iOS Transfer – import videos to iTunes from iPod

As I just introduce to you, this software won't take you a long time to transfer your iPod videos to iTunes. It is simple that any one will find it absolutely easy that you need only two steps to operate.

Step 1 Install and launch the program on your computer
After downloading iOS Transfer by clicking the download button above, install it and launch it on your computer. After that, you will be asked to connect your iPod to the computer with the help of USB cable. Then, your iPod touch 5 will be detected and you will see the below window.
ipod transfer
Step 2 Transfer movies between iPod and iTunes
If you want to transfer some of the videos only, you can click "Media" in the left column. On the top , click "Movies" then. You can transfer the videos you want to transfer to your iTunes selectively. Then, just check "Export to", and then "Export to iTunes Library".
ipod movie to itunes or pc

Besides videos, iOS Transfer also allows you to transfer other multi-media files like music. You can easily know how to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes. Some of you may ask, is it workable in reverse? How do I transfer music from iPhone to iTunes? Of course, iOS Transfer enables you to transfer most types of data between iOS device, iTunes and PC. The steps will be similar to that of transferring iPod touch videos to iTunes. What you need to pay attention to is, iOS Transfer requires you an iTunes installed on your computer so as to motivate the transfer process. If you don't have one, you will be asked to install one. Please don't hesitate to leave us comment below to let me know if you faced any difficulty using iOS Transfer, or if you have any kindly feedback. Thanks in advance.

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