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How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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"How do I transfer my iTunes Library to another computer?" For most users, iTunes does a great job on handling all of the details of managing your media library for you, allowing you to manage your content through iTunes itself and not having to worry too much about the underlying files and folders that make up your iTunes library. Unfortunately, this user-friendly approach has one serious limitation: When it comes time to move your iTunes library, it can often be a bit of a challenge to figure out exactly what pieces you need to move and how to go about doing this.

Many iTunes users start out with a basic iTunes library and use the default settings to store all of their media content on their primary internal hard drive. One common scenario many users find themselves in is what to do when they upgrade to a new computer. Your iTunes library has been working just fine on your old computer, but you're left with the question of how to get it over to the new machine so that everything works the way it's supposed to.

Perhaps you can try to use iOS Transfer to achieve it. iOS Transfer is one of the most handy tools for you to transfer iTunes library to new computer. You may download this tool and follow the guide below to get it done. If you want to transfer playlists to computer from iTunes, you can also use this tool. Then, how to transfer iTunes Library to new computer?
iOS Transfer – transfer iTunes Library without restriction

To transfer iTunes Library to new computer without losing any data all in once, you may download by clicking the button below.

Step 1 Sync iTunes Library to Apple device
If you're an iTunes user, you have an iOS device certainly. Before transferring iTunes to a new computer, sync the iTunes Library to your Apple device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. We'll use it as a media.

Step 2 Connect the Apple device to iOS Transfer
Use the USB cable to connect the iOS device with iTunes Library data to the iOS Transfer. The program will detect your iOS device and display what you sync from iTunes on the left column.
iOS Transfer
Step 3 Transfer iTunes Library to new computer
Now, you may select everything you want, like music, movies, playlists and photos in the main window. Click "Export to" to copy them to your new iTunes Library or computer hard disk.
transfer iTunes library to computer
Step 4 Transfer iTunes store purchases to new computer
The last step is for some iTunes Store purchased items, like apps. You can transfer them from iTunes Library to new computer easily. Connect your Apple device with computer > Right click your Apple device under Device in iTunes main window > Select "Transfer Purchases".
transfer purchased items
That's how you can transfer iTunes Library in a convenient way. You can find more function here. You'll find it powerful but easy to use still. How to transfer my iTunes Library to a new computer is not an impossible task any more.

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