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Transfer iTunes Playlist and Music Library to a New Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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It is delighted to gain a new computer but it also leads to some problems of managing your computer data. For example, that is a big headache to switch iTunes music from the old to the new so as to keep the purchased songs from iTunes. There are two ways offered for this matter: re-download music with iTunes on new PC; hire an intermediary to transfer playlists and music. The latter is apparently practical since it can copy the whole playlist and music library from the old one, while iTunes may make the created playlist fade away on the new one.

iOS Transfer could play its vital role in this way. As a smart intermediary, it directs iPhone users to manage their music freely. Thus, music videos, songs, ringtones and other related files can be copied for standby, imported to iPhone, exported to PC/Mac.

Part 1: Sync iTunes Playlist and Music Library to iPhone
Part 2: Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer
iOS Transfer – powerful iTunes music manager

It can make two parts together to accomplish transferring iTunes playlist and music library simply: help users sync iTunes music to iPhone and save them to a new computer.

Part 1: Sync iTunes Playlist and Music Library to iPhone

Step 1 Connect iPhone to the Old Computer
There's no doubt that to install iOS Transfer on your PC is necessary. Then, connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable to let it scan your iDevice.
iOS Transfer Main Window
Step 2 Switch iTunes Playlist to iPhone
As scanning finishes, you need to choose "Playlist" on the left sidebar and click "Add" > "Add iTunes Playlist". When the next pop-up comes, choose the ideal playlist to import to your iOS device.
Switch iTunes Playlist to iPhone

Part 2: Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer

Step 1 Launch iOS Transfer on New Computer
After the iTunes playlist has been copied to iPhone, it is time to connect your device to the new computer as same as what part one mentioned.

Step 2 Copy iTunes playlist and library from iPhone
Go to "Playlist" option in the screen and choose the playlist that you'd like to sync to your new computer. Click "Export" "Export to PC" to save iTunes playlist to PC.
Copy iTunes Playlist from iPhone
The whole music library would be exported when you press "Media"; "Music" option and select certain music or the whole to click "Export"; "Export to PC".
Export iTunes Playlist to PC
Notes: You are allowed to select "Export to iTunes Library" so those music will be kept on iTunes. Remarkably, once you launch iOS Transfer on PC, iTunes must be installed simultaneously. Otherwise, you cannot execute the processes above.

Just with several clicks, the music in iTunes playlist and music library on the old computer has migrated to the new one. Such powerful function of iOS Transfer brings freedom for iOS users to transfer their iPhone data anywhere. Only with iOS 6 or later on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, can iOS Transfer act as a wise data-migrating manager.

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