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How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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I have sent my favorite songs from my friend's iMac to my iPhone 6 but I cannot view the details of those songs, like artist, genre and album, how come?
Generally speaking, iTunes may be the first choice to accomplish transferring music to iOS devices, but it cannot allow you to sync some music not from iTunes, so it is dangerous to sync your iPhone 6 using iTunes. Some data may be erased if it syncs your iPhone 6 automatically. For completely coping songs including its artist, genre, playlist and album, iOS Transfer is what you're looking for at this moment.

Media is the largest kind of data supported by iOS Transfer, including music, movies, TV Shows, podcast, iTunes U and so on. Those media files can be sent from iMac/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro to iPhone/iPad/iPod with simple steps. What's more, some detailed information is also kept in transferring. For example, time, size artist, genre and album are saved on iPhone 6 when switching music from Mac to iPhone 6.
iOS Transfer – a quick music mover

Thanks to iOS Transfer, music can be saved between iPhone and Mac conveniently. Such a smart music mover makes all data in iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5/4s and Mac OS X Yosemite; be managed swiftly.

Step 1 Launch iOS Transfer on iMac
Download and install this program on Mac. Meanwhile, you need to prepare a USB cable for connecting iPhone to Mac after launching iOS Transfer.
iOS Transfer Interface
Notes: iTunes is necessary to be downloaded on iMac when using this program.

Step 2 Add Songs from Mac
Click "Media" tab on the left and select "Music" on the top sidebar. Move to "Add" > "Add File"/"Add Folder" under the line where "Music" option is.
Add Songs from Mac to iPhone
Alternatively, to transfer playlist from iMac to iPhone 6 also works. Go to "Playlists" and choose "Add" > "Add Playlist from Computer".
Add Playlist from Mac to iPhone
Step 3 Select a Path to Save music
No matter which way you have chosen, choose a folder/a file to click "Open" to import to iPhone when a pop-up comes.
Choose Path to Save iPhone Music
On the other hand, if you're adding playlist from computer, you will select a folder to press "Choose".
Select Folder to Save Music
Step 4 Listen to Imported Songs on iPhone
The screen displayed to you shows that the iMac music really have transferred to iPhone 6 with detailed info. Then, right-click the imported song on the interface and choose "Play".
Listen to iPhone with iOS Transfer
That's it! Not only can music be moved from Mac to iPhone, but also other contents can be imported in the same way, such as photos. However, you need to upgrade your iOS to iOS 6 or later. Otherwise, files may be not supported by iOS Transfer.

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