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How to Transfer MP3 from iPod to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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iPod is used widely and provides space for users to save music files, like MP3, but some users complained that the devices cannot save multiple music, especially those relatively old iPod. Consequently, they seek for some tips of saving MP3 from iPod to PC so as to keep those music as a backup. Even though some can keep numerous music files, in the new iPod Touch 128G, how should some 16GB users and iPod Shuffle/Nano/Classic users do with their MP3 music which needs to co-exit with multiple other data, like photos, iMessages, etc.?

No matter to transfer MP3 between iPod and computer, or to exchange music among iOS devices, iOS Transfer can give you delighting experience to keep your files conveniently, which is also proper for transferring iTunes playlist and music library to new PC. Your lovely music files can be shared among all iDevices and Mac/PC as soon as you get iOS Transfer, an MP3 transferring expert.
iOS Transfer – expert in exporting iPod MP3 to PC

iOS Transfer offers a good choice to exchange your iPod MP3 files or other music data, so just download it and learn how to transfer iPod music to PC.

Step 1 Connect iPod to Computer
Put your USB cable connected with iPod and computer if you are with the expert iOS Transfer on your computer before, so the screen below will be displayed.
iOS Transfer
Note: Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer, otherwise, the process can't be started.

Step 2 Move MP3 to PC
Move to "Music" to choose your MP3 music and right-click for "Export to" > "Export to PC" option. At this point, you would be asked to select a specific file to save those music.
Transfer Music from iPod to PC
Notes: It allows you to go to the top to click "Export to" > "Export to PC" to save the MP3 files on iPod to transfer to computer.

On the other hand, "Playlist" also can be copied to PC when you select the ideal name of playlist, e.g.: "favorite" as following and press "Export to"; "Export to PC" to get your MP3 on computer.

Export Playlist from iPod to PC
Step 3 Enjoy those Music on Computer
The processing bar would tell you when this transferring would accomplish. Once it is over, open the folder where the iPod MP3 is to listen to them as you like.
View Transferred Files on PC
Notes: Title, artists and album of the songs are saved on your computer at the same time, so it is helpful to save your complete MP3 file.

Fast as it is to transfer your MP3 to computer, you cannot take no notice of every step. This is just an example of coping iPod shuffle music. When you connect other type of iPod to computer, you can scan other data with iOS Transfer because this MP3 transferring expert supports switching many other data between iPod and PC. Why not have a try right now?

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