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How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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Have you ever got a brand new iPad Air but don't know how to transfer music from iPad to iPad? Or you have some specific nice songs on your friend's iPad, so you two want to transfer music between for sharing with each other? To solve all the problems above, to meet the needs of iPad lover, all you need is mighty iOS Transfer or Phone Transfer.

Tutorial 1: Transfer Music from iPad to iPad with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Transfer Music from iPad to iPad with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Transfer Music from iPad to iPad with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer is capable to transfer music between iDevices at the same time. It supports iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2, The New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad, compatible with iOS 8.3/8/7/6/5. You can copy not only music files, but also its rating, skips from one iPad to another. With iOS Transfer, you can totally get rid of iTunes restriction. You can also copy various multimedia files between iPads and other iOS device.
iOS Transfer – professional iPad music manager

It enables you to transfer music within seconds. Only a few steps, you can get your music from one iPad to another. You can share your music in a simple and easy way.

Step 1 Launch iOS Transfer
In the very beginning, download and install iOS Transfer on your computer like other software. Launch the software and connect both iPads via USB cables. The software will detect the models in seconds. All the files will be displayed on the left column like the sample below.
iOS Transfer Home Window
Note: You need to confirm that you have iTunes installed on your computer before the transferring.

Step 2 Transfer songs from iPad to iPad Air
Click the "Media" tab of the iPad that you decide to export from on the left column. All the music files on this iPad will be shown. Then check the music you want to transfer to another iPad. After making sure that all the music files you want to transfer is selected, you can click "Export to". Choose "Export to your iPad" at the drop-down list. The program will move songs automatically. Be sure that the iPads are well connected to the computer during the transferring. iPad contacts to new ones. Now you've finished transferring music from iPad to iPad.
iPad Contacts to New iPad
What a simple way to share your music with others! With iOS Transfer, you can also transfer all the music, videos, photos and other files from old iPad to new iPad.

Tutorial 2: Transfer Music from iPad to iPad with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer, as a wonderful data transfer tool, has files like pictures, songs, videos and even call logs, text messages copied between two mobile devices. With only few clicks, you music from iPad are easily sent to another one. Now, let me give you a guide.
Phone Transfer -a handy program to transfer iPad songs

With this program, not only your iPad playlists can be transmitted another iPad, but also another iPhone, and even Android phone, Nokia and BlackBerry.

Step 1 Set up Phone Transfer and run it
Download Phone Transfer and install it to your computer. By turning it on, you can see the primary window with four main functions. Click the "Phone to phone transfer" to enter the next step.
Phone Transfer Primary Window

Step 2 Transfer music from iPad to iPad
Connect both iPads to your computer by using USB cables. You can see the one is shown in the left box as the "Source" while another is put into the other side as the "Destination". In this step, you have to make sure the installation of iTunes for your devices being detected.Check the "Music" icon in the middle column. By clicking the button "Start Copy", all your songs will be removed soon. To avoid repetition, you may check "Clear data before copy" in the bottom in the "Destination" box.
Transfer Music from iPad to iPad

With Phone Transfer, your songs can be easily transmitted from iPad to iPad Air. Actually, it offers more transfer ways like iPad to iPhone transfer, iPad to Android transfer and so on.

Both iOS Transfer and Phone Transfe are contributed to have significant information copied quicky and safely. Therefore, to have your transfer issues better solved, choose one and just have a try!
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