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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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Many people like to enjoy some videos and music those they stored to iTunes with iPhones/iPad/iPod, but they find that it is not easy for them to transfer the music to their mobile devices. Even though they can be synced with iTunes directly, there are some troubles, such as media files being deleted because of the iTunes update issue. In this article, I will give you a great approach to help you transfer music from iTunes to iPad.

Tutorial1: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad with TunesGo
Tutorial2: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad Directly

Tutorial 1: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad with TunesGo

TunesGo, as its name implies, is a professional data transfer tool for iOS device. With it, not only songs, but also movies and playlist can be sent to iDevices with ease. It supports almost all kinds of Apple devices, from iOS 5 to iOS 8, including the latest models like iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air 2/mini 3 and other so on.
TunesGo – transfer music from iTunes to iPad

TunesGo helps easily transfer music from iTunes to iPad. Of course, music transfer between Android and iTunes are also supported.

Step 1 Install TunesGo and Connect your iPad to computer
Download, install and launch TunesGo on your computer. Then you will see the primary window. Connect the iPad Air 2 to your computer by using USB cable.
Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad

Step 2 Export Music from iTunes to iPad Air 2 Transfer music with TunesGo
After your iPad Air 2 detected, the iPad detail info will be shown in the interface including "Music", "Movies" and "Playlist" will be shown. Click "Music" under your iTunes list, then tick the box next to the songs you want to transfer to your iPad. After that, find "Export" on the top of the interface, click "Export to iPad" and start the transfer. You can also drag and drop the songs to your iPad.
Transfer iTunes Music to iPad With TunesGo

With TunesGo, you can sync files from iTunes to iPad/iPhone/iPod in 2 steps. On the contrary, exporting music from your iDevice to iTunes Library is also available. What's more, it can also transfer data between two different Apple devices, such as iPad to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone etc. Just like we mentioned above, TunesGo is a great assistant for music transfer.

Tutorial 2: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad Directly

Of course, you may transfer music directly from iTunes to your iPad. Next, let me introduce the steps for you.
1. Open iTunes and choose your iPad from the menu in the left side.
2. Click the "Music" button in the left column.
3. Check the "Sync Music" icon. And you may choose to transfer "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres".

Well, it seems that it is not so difficult to send music to iPad with iTunes. But just like I mentioned in the beginning, you should be careful to use iTunes.

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