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How to Transfer PDF Files to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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Nowadays, reading novels or viewing some working files with iPads is popular among young people for convenience. As we all know, we can easily download some books offered by iBook Store to iPad. However, some users might think what if they want to import other data like PDF files which aren't provided by iBook when it is necessary. Is there any easy way? Indeed, this is not a difficult problem. Now, let me introduce you two practical approaches to tell you how to transfer PDF files to iPad.

Tutorial 1: Switch PDF on Computers to iPad with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Copy PDF from PC to iPad with iTunes

Tutorial 1: Switch PDF on Computers to iPad with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer, a great transmission tool for Apple devices, has iBooks files easily transmitted from computer to iPad. With this program, you can not only copy PDF files, but also data in EPUB format in two simple steps.
iOS Transfer – a handy software to transfer PDF to iPad

With the program, the transfer can be done in two simple steps. Not only iBook files you can copy, but also data like music, movie, pictures and so on.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer and connect the iPad to computer
Download the software by clicking the "Free Download" button. Install it to your computer and then open it. After connecting your iPad to PC, it will be automatically detected by the program. Click the "Books" icon in the left column to move to the next step.
Primary Window
Step 2 Send PDF to iPad
Once you enter the window of "Books", you will see all your books on your iPad displayed. Click the "Add" button in the upper corner and you can choose remove file(s) or an entire folder to the device. Waiting for few seconds, the transfer is complete and you can enjoy the files on your iPad.
Transfer PDF to iPad
1. The note logo on the right side will remind you to do some backup if iBook files on your iPad are not in iTunes Library.
2. iOS Transfer allows files transfer among over two iPads/iPhones.

Tutorial 2: Copy PDF from PC to iPad with iTunes

Supported by Apple, iTunes also provides a good way to transfer PDF files with easy operation. The steps are as followed.

Step 1 Add PDF to iTunes
Open iTunes. Click the "Files" icon in the left upper corner and then select "Add File to Library" to send the file to your iTunes.
Add Files to iTunes
Step 2 Sync files to iPad
Click the "Books" button on the left side and then check the "Sync Books" to transmit "Selected books". Choose the item you want to switch and sync it to your iPad.
Sync PDF with iTunes
Both of these ways have their merits: iTunes offers a free way for you, while by iOS Transfer, you can transfer PDF files among more than two iDevices, so you can make your decision based on practical reason.
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