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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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I am using windows 10 on my PC and i have transferred some photos to my iPad 2 using iTunes, but when i try and transfer more photos to the iPad they overwrite the photos already on the iPad, anyone offer any help on how i can transfer more photos over without overwriting.
This iPad user used iTunes to transfer photos from computer to iPad but some pictures on iPad was removed after syncing. In some extents, iTunes may sync your iOS data automatically even if you chosen a specific folder of my pictures in the process of syncing. If you desire to transfer photos to iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini with overwriting, google this issue to get so many methods.

In this way, iOS Transfer is a worthy-recommended method to accomplish pictures switching from computer to iPad. It enables you to add photos from local path to iPad photo library and export iPad images from camera roll, panorama, etc. Not only you could import or export those photos one by one, but can you put the whole album into iDevices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod.
iOS Transfer – a mighty transport for pictures

In order to add, delete, output, or check pictures on iPad, iOS Transfer is designed to give you freedom to manage your images. Just download it below to transport images as you like.

Step 1 Plug iPad into Computer
Click the "Download" button above and follow the direction to install it. Because it lets coping directly, you need to connect iPad to PC with data cable.
iOS Transfer
Note: It is in need to download iTunes to work with iOS Transfer, so you can handle some data with iTunes library.

Step 2 Add Photos into iDevice
Move to "Photos" option to click the triangle for an album that you like to deal with. Click "Add" on the top sidebar to import a picture.
Add Photos into iPad
Note: It is possible to select the name of an album and choose any picture to right-click and tick "Add" to select a photo from local folder.

For adding all images from a folder to iPad, go to "Photos" to click the triangle next to "Add" > "Add Folder" to select a folder on PC.
Add Folder to iPad
Step 3 Get a Preview on PC
The signal of syncing photos would be shown to you so that you could right-click the imported image for "Preview" to check the result.
Check Transferred Photos
Preview Transferred Photos
Does it satisfy your need in transferring data between PC and iOS? I think it is really practical since you're allowed to import one or more than one pics and even all folder to iPad Air/Air 2/Mini/Mini2/Mini3, etc. which will be also compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and any other iPad version on the way to be released.

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