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How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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I have taken some beautiful pictures in the field with my DSLR and I kept them on my computer, but now I wanna transfer those photos to my iPhone 6s. Any idea?
Of course, there are many ideas about transferring photos from PC to iPhone. Frankly, people tend to share their masterpieces with friends, so it is convenient to share if those masterpieces, including captured images, are kept in portable devices, like iPhone 6s. If you have met with the similar situation, what you need is a safe and stable way to copy computer photos to iPhone.

iOS Transfer is an ideal way to directly do photos transferring between PC and iPhone. Here the brief introduction about iOS Transfer is listed:
1. Supports to save contacts, playlist, music, SMS, videos, photos, podcast, iBooks, iTunes U and other desired files.
2. Allows to exchange data between iOS Devices to PC/Mac, or between two arbitrary iOS Devices.
3. Fully compatible with PNG, JPEG, JPG, etc. Format of photos.
4. Enables you to import photos to iDevices, export iPhone pictures from camera roll, panorama, photo library, delete some photos.

Tutorial 1: Transfer Photos from PC with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Sync Pictures to iDevices Using iTunes

Tutorial 1: Transfer Photos from PC with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer – a manager for iPhone photos

It does well in managing your iPhone data orderly and let your computer images go to iPhone without damage, so it is incredible to use.

Step 1 Download iOS Transfer
Download and install this smart program to use, but you must connect iPhone to computer. Then, the data will be clarified on the left sidebar.
iOS Transfer
Note: It is necessary to launch iTunes on your computer in the process of using this app.

Step 2 Add Pictures to iPhone in Two Ways
Go to "Photo" > "Photo Library" or any other photo files except camera roll and panorama. Click "Add" to choose the path where you have saved images.
Add Photos to iPhone from PC
Step 3 Check the Results
After syncing is over, right-click that picture on iOS Transfer for "Preview" to check the result on PC.
Check Transferred Photos
Preview Photos to iPhone from PC

Tutorial 2: Sync Pictures to iDevices Using iTunes

Step 1 Connect iOS Device to iTunes
Launch iTunes on PC and connect iPhone to it with data cable. Next, click the device icon on the top.
Connect iDevice to iTunes
Step 2 Sync Images to iPhone
Click "Photos" under "Summary" tab and choose "Sync Photos" which allows you to sync all photos or selected folders.
Sync Images to iPhone
Note: iTunes may sync your iDevices automatically so move to "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Devices" to tick the box in front of "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically".
Prevent iPhone from Syncing Automatically
Anything can be transferred easily due to these two practical ways. If you have tried both methods, you can notice that iOS Transfer can manage your photos, like add, export and preview, while iTunes just can sync photos. It is up to you to select the proper tool according to the actual conditions.

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