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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

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How could I transfer my iPhone 6s photos to my MacBook Air? Please give me some suggestion!
In fact, there are lots of method to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, including iTunes and AirDrop, etc. With these ways, pictures can be switched from iPhone to Mac successfully but which way is better? Transferring images with iTunes serves for syncing so we can use it to manage photos. AirDrop is contributed to sharing pictures between iOS devices and Mac but you can just share one or a few pictures once and it needs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on simultaneously, while iOS Transfer gives hands to transfer photos to Mac simply merely with USB cable and allows you to manage your images also.

It is apparent that iOS Transfer can be proper way for you to send your iPhone photos to Mac. This software mainly serves for transferring data between iOS and iMac/MacBook and is conducive to managing some iPhone/iPad/iPod contents, so that you could save iPhone photos, music, playlists, podcast and so on to Mac with iOS Transfer for Mac when it runs Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7 .
iOS Transfer for Mac – a nice photos copier

As an intelligent photo manager, iOS Transfer directs iPhone users to export photos to PC/Mac, import pics to iPhone and copy them among all iOS devices.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Mac
Plug your iPhone into MacBook Air/MacBook Pro via USB cable. Then, you can gain the following interface.
iPhone to iOS Transfer
Notes: This program needs to work with iTunes, so you must download iTunes at the same time.

Step 2 Preview Photos with iOS Transfer
Choose a target picture on the "Photos" option to right-click it for "Preview".
Preview Pictures with iOS Transfer
Notes: It is possible to flicker certain photos according to the date on the top right side.

Step 3 Export Pictures to PC
Right-click the photo that you'd like to export for "Export to" > "Export to PC". Then, select a path to keep those images on Mac in the next interface.
Export Pictures to PC
Step 4 Preview Exported Files
A pop-up will tell you whether it is done, so you can open the folder to see those files that you have exported just now.
Preview Exported Pictures
Simple as it is, patience must be with you since this process may cost some time if your iPhone has lots of pictures. Never mind! It must help you switch your iPhone photos to Mac as well as videos, voice memos, music, etc.

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