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How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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Often, you can sync images on computer to iPhone following these steps:
1. Arrange all photos you want to send into a folder.
2. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.
3. Sync the entire folder to the device

However, I heard lots of complaints about this laborious operation, for example, the existing pics on the devices are erased, which is desperate. In this case, you may wonder what if there is one way to help you transfer pictures from computer to iPhone without erasing. Well, iOS Transfer is there for you!

iOS Transfer, compatible with iPhone 6/6Plus/5s/5c/5/4s, is contributed to sync pictures in JPG/PNG/GIF on PC to iPhone without causing any deletion. Unlike iTunes, it allows you add photos to your device directly and the transmission can be done in few minutes. Follow the tutorial below and get the pictures on the computer onto iPhone.
iOS Transfer – migrate images between computer and iPhone

With only two steps, images on computer can be easily move to your iPhone so that you can enjoy them everywhere.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer and connect iPhone
Download and install the software correctly to your computer. When it is done, launch it and plug your iPhone into the computer using USB cable. Awaiting few seconds, the information on your iPhone can be read in the main interface.
iOS Transfer
Note: To make sure the transfer goes smoothly, you should install iTunes to your computer first.

Step 2 Add pictures to the device
Click the "Photos" button on your device panel and photos on your iPhone will be displayed on the left side. Hit the "Add" icon and then choose "Add folder" or "Add File(s)".
Add Photos to iPhone from PC
Isn't it easy? With iOS Transfer, you can get pictures no matter downloaded from Internet or imported from other devices onto your iPhone in minutes. In addition, though it won't cause deletion to use this software, you'd better backup iPhone photos also using iOS Transfer in case of something wrong happens!

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