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How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

Athryn Mitchell

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Kicked off 8 June, WWDC introduced features and the release date of the latest iOS 9. As huge fans of Apple, you might want to update your iDevices when it launches officially. However, you should be very cautious of the updating, as your iPhone/iPad maybe stuck in the Recovery Mode if something wrong happens. Therefore, before updating, it is necessary to backup iPhone data to iTunes and what's more, to get knowledge about how to restore iPhone from iTunes backup just in case.

Note: Before getting started, you should exit Recovery Mode first.

Step 1 Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone
Install iTunes 12 on your computer. Connect your device using USB cable. After being detected by iTunes, a device image appears on the upper corner.
iTunes Primary Window
Step 2 Recover your iPhone data
Select your iPhone and click the "Restore Backup" button in the "Summary" panel.
Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup
In this stage, you are requested to choose a backup from a list and then click the "Restore" icon to recover your data. When it is done, your iPhone will be reset and the files will be back to the device after the resetting.
Choose iTunes Backup
Note: Other occasions require you to retrieve data from iTunes backup:
1. Transfer information from an old phone to a new one.
2. Be unable to unlock your iPhone for forgetting the password or trying wrong ones several times. (In this situation, you should set your device into Recovery Mode first.)

Not only restore iPhone from backup, iTunes is also a great tool to help iOS users deal with many problems. For iPhone users, I suggest you make sure that iTunes should be always set up on your computer and updated constantly!

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