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How to Restore iTunes Library after Computer Crash

Athryn Mitchell

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My motherboard on my PC fried a couple of months ago, and I had to get it replaced. In short, I lost my entire iTunes library, everything. iTunes was still on my computer, and all my songs were displayed on iTunes, but everytime I clicked one I would get the exclamation sign and something about the file not being able to be located. It then gave me the option to locate the file myself, but it was useless, since the files were erased due to the computer crashed. My iTunes library was still on my iPod, but not on my computer.

Whenever a hard drive is lost – whether it's to a crash, accidental deletion, or theft – it's a big problem. You lose data, some of it precious, one-of-a-kind items like photos, and things that you've bought as downloads, such as music purchased from the iTunes Store. If this has happened to you, you're probably wondering how to recover iTunes after a hard drive crash or theft?

For now, you may try to restore your iTunes Library with iOS Transfer, a mighty but handy iTunes recovery tool helps you copy iTunes Library from iPhone, iPod or other iOS device that have data store remained. Follow the guide below to see how to recover your iTunes Library even if your computer had crashed and lost all your data.
iOS Transfer – the best iTunes Library Recovery

Click to download the iTunes Library Recovery below. Install it like other typical software, then follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1 Connect your iOS device to the computer
iOS Transfer supports operating system from iOS 5 to iOS 8. After connecting your device to the computer, iOS Transfer may detect it in seconds and display its detail info on the screen.
iTunes Library recovery
Step 2 Restore iTunes Library after computer crash
Browse the left side of the interface, you'll find "Media" tab. Click it and there will be various types of files in this catalog. Click the Music window, you can see all the music files on your Apple device. Check the boxes in front of the songs you desire to restore to the iTunes. Then simply click "Export to" – "Export to iTunes Library", all the songs will be exported to your iTunes Library on your computer now.
recover iTunes Library from iPhone
It takes only a few minutes to restore iTunes Library due to how many files are to be transferred. Remember to backup iTunes Library with iOS Transfer routinely to prevent data lost from unexpected accidents.

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