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How to Transfer Playlist from iPhone to iTunes

Athryn Mitchell

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I accidentally deleted my iTunes playlists but they are still on my iPhone. How can I copy my iPhone playlists to iTunes on my computer?

Bad things happen every day. For example, crashing computer, accidental deletion, etc., any one of them may have your iTunes Playlist lost. Luckily, there is a copy on your iPhone. Now, all you need to do is to transfer playlist from your iPhone to iTunes. Is there a tool that can help you do this? Perhaps, TunesGo can cover this problem for you.

TunesGo is a mighty tool designed to restore iTunes playlist from iPhone. You can also restore the media files that ripped from CD and saved on iPhone. You can also get movies, music, back to your iTunes Library as well. Click the download buttons below and follow the guide to achieve it. Here comes the tutorial on how to transfer playlist from iPhone to iTunes.
TunesGo – iTunes playlist transferred from iPhone

To restore your iTunes playlists or just simply back up your playlists, you may download TunesGo to help you achieve it. The easy way to copy playlist from iPhone to iTunes is provided as below.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to computer
After installing the TunesGo on your computer, connect your iPhone which has playlists. Then the program will detect your iPhone in seconds as the sample below.
Transfer iTunes Playlist from iPhone
Step 2 Export iPhone playlist to iTunes Library
After your iPhone is well connected, the device will be detected by TunesGo. Within few seconds, it will be scanned and the detail device info will be shown on the interface. You can choose "Music" under your iPhone. Then, preview and see which songs you'd like to transfer and tick the box next to them. Lastly, find "Export" in the interface and in the drop-down menu, click "Export to iTunes Library".
Transfer iTunes Playlist from iPhone
Note: TunesGo allows you to transfer music from or to Android as well. Different OS are supported, including Android 2.1 to Android 5.0. Phone brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and more are compatible.

To restore iTunes playlist from your iPhone or other iOS devices will be finished in minutes. After that, you can go to iTunes to check out your iTunes playlist. Next time, when you delete iTunes playlist unexpectedly, don't forget to try TunesGo to recover it. By the way, you can also try transfer music from iPhone to iTunes. Good luck!

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