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How to Transfer Songs from iTunes to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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"I'd like to add some music to my iPhone without erasing what's already there, but don't know how. When I checked 'Sync Music' in iTunes, I get another box that says 'all existing content on iPhone will be removed and replaced with songs and playlists from your iTunes library'. Can anybody shed some light for me?"

Well, a typical problem of transferring music from iTunes to iPhone! Admittedly, iTunes is a mighty tool to manage iDevices, while if you use iTunes to switch songs to your iPhone which is not synced with this iTunes Library, all existing audio files on this iPhone will be covered so that you may lose some songs accidentally. Therefore, you might be seeking another reliable and easy-to-do approach to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone now.

Without deleting any song when transferring songs from iTunes Library on computer to iPhone, TunesGo is favored by the majority of iPhone users. It is compatible with almost all iOS devices such as iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s. In addition, as a music carrier between iPhone and iTunes, it supports various formats of audio files, like MP3, WAV and AAC.
TunesGo – serve in copying iTunes music to iPhone

As constantly updated software, TunesGo is applicable to almost all iOS devices from iOS 5 to iOS 8.4. It helps you switch files from iTunes Library to iPhone in two steps!

Step 1 Launch TunesGo and connect your iPhone
Download TunesGo and install it correctly to your computer. Open the program and then plug your iPhone to the PC using USB cable. After being detected automatically, your device will be shown in the primary window.
TunesGo Main Window
Note: To make sure the transfer goes successfully, install iTunes 12 first please.

Step 2 Sync music from iTunes to iPhone
Click the "Music" button on the "ITUNES LIBRARY" panel and all songs in iTunes can be read in the right side. Check the item(s) you want to send and the right-click it (them) to "Add to" your device.
Transfer Music to iPhone
The software also allows you to sync the entire iTunes Library in one click. Click your device in the left column and then choose "Transfer Music from iTunes to Device". After that, you can decide to copy "Entire library" or "Selected playlists" on your own.
Transfer iTunes Library to iPhone

Note: The transmission time depends on the size of the files you transfer, so stay patient when there is a large volume of files transferring.

With only two easy steps, songs in your iTunes Library can be put to your iPhone using TunesGo so that you can enjoy music everywhere. What's more, this program also works on the opposite side, meaning it also enables you transfer music from iPhone to iTunes!

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