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How to Sync Data Between iPhone and iCloud on Web Page

Athryn Mitchell

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With icloud.com, you can deal with data as followed:
1. Sync "iCloud Photo Library" to every device on the same Apple ID.
2. Transfer your files to the cloud and edit them.
3. Log in your account and find your lost iDevice as long as you enable the service on the device.
4. Assess your mails, contacts list, calendar and revise them.

Through iCloud, iOS users can sync iPhone 6/6 Plus iPad Air 2/mini data like mail, contacts, calendar, photos, notes and reminders etc. to the website, which means people can access, update and edit such information as long as it is allowed to enter a browser. In this way, people can handle a large volume of transactions conveniently. Now let me take reminder syncing as an example to tell you how to sync data between iPhone and iCloud on web page.

Step 1 Enable iCloud syncing
Tap on the "Settings" to enter "iCloud". Log in your iCloud account and then choose items you want to sync across your device by tapping the toggles for them. Once finished, the selected files will be automatically synced to the icloud.com.
Enable Data on iCloud
Step 2 Log onto iCloud web page
After signing into www.icloud.com, you can see files like contacts,mails and photos etc. in the primary window and you can choose certain(s) item to do some changes. icloud.com
Step 3 Edit the synced data
Click the "Reminders" button to read the detailed information. After selecting the item you want to edit, tap on the "Details" icon and you can revise the data as you like and finish it by clicking "Done".
iCloud Edit Reminders
When your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network, the improved data will be also updated to the device and you can check them.
Check Synced Reminders
icloud.com flattens information on iOS devices, which means people can handle kinds of stuff easily. With the simple interface and icon, users can concentrate on the contents to improve work efficiency. But one thing should be kept in minds is that iCloud only offers 5GB free storage, so people should use it with caution.
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