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How to Sync iPad Content to Mac

Athryn Mitchell

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So you have got your iPad Air 2 and tons of files (phone numbers of family and friends, SMS from loved ones, photos captured by mobile camera, music and videos purchased, and so on). Surely, it is convenient to carry an iPad anywhere for work and for entertainment. And iPad is cool. But it is not safe to store all the contents there because it might be stolen one day on a crowded bus or subway. What you can do to prevent your precious contents from permanent loss is to copy all data to your computer. In the below section, I will show how to sync iPad content to Mac with iOS Transfer.

iOS Transfer offers a well-organized interface for managing and syncing data from iOS to Mac. Your media files, books, contents, and text messages can be synced to a Mac folder with one click. The program supports previewing files before transferring. And the Mac version occupies little storage of your hard disk of Mac which will not slow down your computer. Just download it from the Download button and enjoy great features of it.
iOS Transfer – sync iPad files to Mac

This powerful program will offer you a convenient way to move anything from iPad, iPhone, and iPod to Mac (iMac/MacBook/MacBook Air). Please download and have a try.

Step 1. Connect iPad to Mac
First of all, install and start iOS Transfer on your Mac computer. Connect iPad Air 2 to the Mac with the USB cable. The program will instantly detect the plug-in device.
Connect iPad Air to Mac
Step 2. Select Output Folder
Select "To Folder". Then what contents in your iPad will be scanned and shown in the pop-up box. As you can see at the left column, there is media, playlists, photos, books, contacts, and SMS.

Click the three-dot icon. You can browse your computer and select a folder to store contents exported. After that, click "Start" button to copy data. As the below interface shows, 417 items (4.49 GB) with be copied to your Mac.

If you are going to copy a specific type to the computer, please to the relative node and choose the type you want.
Copy iOS Files to Folder
Step 3. Copy iPad Contents to Mac
When iOS Transfer is syncing data to the Mac, please keep your iPad connected to the Mac. After that, click the button "OK" to end the progress.

Nailed it! If you follow the guide step by step, you will smoothly sync your iPad Air to Mac. Also, you can sync files to iTunes, iDevice, and more. I would give it 5 stars rating. And you?

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