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iPod Transfer: Sync iPod to New Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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If you've purchased the music from iTunes, when you plug the iPod in to the PC, it'll ask if you want to transfer purchases to the computer. Due to the restriction, you can only move music from PC to iPod, but not from iPod to PC if you’ve not purchased them. In this case, it can be a hassle to sync iPod to a new computer. I think you will need a practical solution, iOS Transfer for example.

iOS Transfer is a iOS file manager with multiple functions. You can sync your iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic/Touch to the computer without data deletion even the computer is new. With one click, you can export all iPod pictures, songs, movies, and so on to the local disk of your PC. iOS Transfer is easy to use and clean. During this progress, no info leak will occurs. And no virus will hack your iPod.
iOS Transfer - professional in backing up iPod music

iOS Transfer is compatible with different formats of songs, e.g.: MP3, MPEG, WMA, in organizing the music so that you're permitted to add, export, play, delete music with iOS Transfer.

Step 1. Connect iPod to New Computer
Note: Make sure iTunes is installed on the PC.
Run iOS Transfer on a Windows/Mac PC. Then plug in iPod with a USB cable. The info of the model will be shown once connection is done. Then click the icon "To Folder".
Connect iPod to PC
Step 2. Select Output Folder to Store iPod Files
When scan finishes, you will get a pop-up note. All the file types and numbers of them are displayed. Browse your PC and choose an output folder. Then click "Start" button to copy files. Files in the iPod including photos, music, videos, etc. will be copied the folder.
Choose Output Folder to Store Files
Step 3. Copy iDevice to Local Folder
When syncing, please wait for a few minutes. Once iDevice has been successfully synced to local folder, there will be a prompt. Click "Open Folder" to check files in your computer. Otherwise, click "OK" to end the process.
Synced iPod Successfull
That's the complete steps to sync iPod to a new PC. Besides, if you want to transfer iPod to iTunes or even to another iDevice, you can also use iOS Transfer. Just connect your device to the PC and choose "To iTunes"/"To iDevice", you can sync your iPod to the iTunes library or another iOS device.

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